Nativity Stone Cross
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The Nativity Stone Cross, found online at, is a new piece of jewelry that says they are giving people an opportunity to “own a precious stone from the birthplace o
Night Sight Driving Glasses
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The Night Sight HD Driving Glasses, found online at, is a new set of glasses that have been specifically designed to help people improve their night time driving vision.
Night View Glasses
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Night View Glasses are a new As Seen On TV product available at which claims to help people handle sight issues that occur from glare, and can occur any time of the day, in
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In order for the body to absorb nutrients from food, the stomach has to break it down past the cellular level. Food extractors are used to break down food into a “pre-digested&rdquo
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Orgreenic ceramic cookware is handy in the kitchen for cooking over the stove. These products feature a non-stick cooking surface and a unique ergonomic handle. When cooking on the stove,
Pill Pro
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The Pill Pro, found online at, says that they want to provide their customers with a way to quickly and conveniently organize their medication and vitamins for each day of the
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Pillow Pets, found online at, is an As Seen On TV product for children, which provides a comfortable plush covered pillow designed in the shape of different animals. How Do
The Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File is an As Seen On TV product which is described as an electric nail trimmer which is the “fast, easy, and safe way to trim and file
SitNCycle Exercise Bike
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The SitNCycle Exercise Bike is an “As Seen On TV” at home fitness equipment which promises people the ability to “exercise while you multi-task” so you can final
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SnuggieTails, available at, is a new product created for children which is described as a special blanket that has been designed to fit children like the tail of some of the

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