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Twist Speaker Lightbulb
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Twist Speaker Lightbulb, found online at HelloTwist.com, is a new smart home product which describes itself as “smart lighting meets premium audio” and combines a traditional lig
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uCella, found online at uCella.com, is a new product that says that they want to help people “never miss a delivery again” with the use of their new, smart mailbox.  How
Every year, thousands of innocent lives are taken in natural disasters. Survivors are often left in dire environments, with insufficient food and water. This was what inspired Todd Hale, the
Ultrasonic Pest Reject
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Ultrasonic Pest Reject, found online at UltrasonicPestReject.com, is a new rodent repellent product which promises that “you will never see another spider or rodent in your house again
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UnshrinkIt, found online at UnshrinkIt.com, is a new product that promises their customers a way to “unshrink” their favorite wool sweaters or products that were accidentally shr
Urine Off
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Urine Off, found online at UrineOff.com, is a new home care product created by Bio-ProResearch which promises to remove urine stains and orders from any surface, no matter how old they are.&
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Varidesk.com is the online home of Varidesk, a company who says that they design high quality sit-to-stand desks to help people of all different kinds maintain their best health while still
Veggetti Pro
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The Veggetti Pro, found online at VeggettiPro.com, is a new As Seen On TV product which promises their customers a fast and easy way to turn their veggies into delicious and healthy spaghett
Veggie Bullet
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The Veggie Bullet, found online at VeggieBullet.com, is a new product in the NutriBullet family which promises to give people a three-in-one food prep system. How Does It Work? Accordi
Vera Smarter Home Control
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Vera Smarter Home Control is a new type of home automation device which claims that, using basic wireless technology and your existing internet system, Vera can let you see and control just

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