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Tower Garden
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The Tower Garden, found online at TowerGarden.com, is a new product which says that they simplify traditional gardening by providing people with a vertical garden system that makes it easy t
Traeger Renegade Elite Grill
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Traeger Pellet Grills LLC was founded in 1985 by Jeremy Andrus and Joe Traeger Sr. to manufacture wood pellet grills for outdoor cooking. The company has diversified over the years, so today
Tree Dazzler
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Tree Dazzler, found online at TreeDazzler.com, is a new home décor product which promises people the beauty of a fully lighted Christmas tree but without the same amount of time and e
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Truepad.com is the online home of Truepad, a new real estate company that says their goal is to provide people in the Chicagoland area with the “next generation real estate search.&rdq
Tuft and Needle
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Tuft and Needle, found online at TuftAndNeedle.com, is a new company that says their goal is to make high quality mattresses at reasonable prices to better serve their customers and not just
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The Tushy, found online at Tushy.me, is a new bidet attachment for standard American toilets which provides people with an alternative to traditional toilet paper use that is both healthier
Twist Speaker Lightbulb
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Twist Speaker Lightbulb, found online at HelloTwist.com, is a new smart home product which describes itself as “smart lighting meets premium audio” and combines a traditional lig
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uCella, found online at uCella.com, is a new product that says that they want to help people “never miss a delivery again” with the use of their new, smart mailbox.  How
Every year, thousands of innocent lives are taken in natural disasters. Survivors are often left in dire environments, with insufficient food and water. This was what inspired Todd Hale, the
Ultrasonic Pest Reject
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Ultrasonic Pest Reject, found online at UltrasonicPestReject.com, is a new rodent repellent product which promises that “you will never see another spider or rodent in your house again

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