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Craftsy.com is a website that says their goal is to "bring creativity to life," giving people the ability to learn new and advanced crafting skills your way, whenever and however y
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Have you ever started a new hobby, and struggled to find the gear you need online? If you’re like most people, after reading hundreds of product descriptions and reviews, you still hav
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Date nights are a great idea for couples but they can be tricky. Just like anything, they require planning. What do you eat? What do you talk about? Do you come up with a fun activity at hom
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Everybody loves a good deal! There’s nothing better than the feeling of purchasing a product at a discounted price. The founders of DealsPlus also felt this way about savings and spott
Deejo Knives
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The pocket knife is a staple for most men - and women, too. It can do all sorts of things, from cutting open boxes to slicing a cut of meat in a pinch. If you’re ready to upgrade your f
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DraftKings.com is a daily fantasy sports website, which offers regular fantasy contests in major league sports such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, and CFB, giving people a chance to win cash or prize
DroneX Pro
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 DroneX is a company that specializes in manufacturing drones for commercial purpose. The drones that this company manufactures and sells are widely recognized as one of the most afford
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Elvenar, found online at Elvenar.com, is an online strategy game from game creator InnoGames which asks people to establish a city and “discover a magical world full of mysteries.&rdqu
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EMS.com is the online home of Eastern Mountain Sports, a company established in 1967 with the goal of making sure that all their customers have access to the best quality outdoor available.&
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EpicSports.com is a website which gives its customers not only access to a wide variety of sporting goods, equipment, and apparel, but also gives their visitors access to some of the latest