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SnapJet, found online at SnapJet.com, is described as “the world’s first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer” which can print pictures from any mobile device,
Sofar Sounds
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Looking for a different way to listen to live music? Interested in transforming your normal space into a concert venue? From your living room to the local coffee shop, the park down the stre
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SourceOutdoor.com is a company and online retailer which specializes in the creation and manufacturing of high quality outdoor equipment sold in more than 25 countries for over 20 years.&nbs
Sparta War of Empires
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Sparta War of Empires is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from video game creator Plarium.com which is set in ancient Greece and asks their players to focus on strategy, diplomacy,
SpinTop Games
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Casual PC online games from SpinTop Games are fun to play and safe to download. Customers all around the world are part of the SpinTop Game community and enjoy the multitude of games that
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SpiritNow, found online at SpiritNow.com, is a website that describes itself as "the Internet's leading source" for information on celebrity psychics, astrology, horoscopes, dr
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Spiritum.com describes themselves as a worldwide esoteric website where people can connect with internationally recognized psychics to receive advice and guidance that is personalized for
Spivo Stick
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The Spivo Stick, found online at Spivo.com, is a new product that says their goal is to help people effortlessly capture the moment and create epic videos of all their experiences and memori
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Mark Teixeira, the New York Yankees first baseman, was the inspiration that compelled Eric Goldstein to startup SportsYapper. Mark was tweeting during the game and found that people follo
Spy and Survival Briefing
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Former CIA officer and security expert, Jason Hanson has worked for 14 years serving his country and has had more than enough life-threatening situations to last a lifetime.  He’s

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