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Casting360, found online at, is a company who says their goal is to simplify and streamline the ability of casting agents and organizations to find people who fit their talent
Based on 8 Reviews says that they are not your standard job search website, but rather they are "a powerful suite of products" that are meant to help professionals looking to advance in t
Based on 0 Reviews is a new website which promises their customers a “one stop shop” in which to find out what people like you get paid at work, what they love about their jobs, and
Cool Works
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Cool Works, found online at, is a website that specializes in helping people find out-of-the ordinary jobs, whether it is seasonal work or just work in the great outdoors. &nbs
Based on 3 Reviews is changing the way people look at traditional employment, saying that they are successfully making “a global effort to change the workplace.”  How Does It
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CrowdTap is a direct marketing company that is looking for new members to join them. They bring large brand name companies together with their targeted audience via social networking site
Based on 8 Reviews calls themselves the “Career Hub for Tech,” and they are currently one of the most well regarded job search sites on the internet for people looking for jobs within t
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DreamJobber, located at, claims to be one of the most comprehensive job search websites available anywhere on the internet, with over 19,000 jobs currently listed on their
Based on 3 Reviews is a website connecting clients to freelance contractors. Some of the types of contractors include programmers, designers, writers, marketers, consultants, accountants, and muc
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I have worked with The company is poorly managed. They steal from their clients and writers.