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Werk Job Site
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The Werk Job Site, found online at, is a website that says flexibility is the future of the job market, especially when it comes to women in corporate leadership positions.
Based on 0 Reviews is a new company that promises to provide job matching services intended to help both companies and job seekers better and more successfully navigate the job recruiting proc
Women Who Tech
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Women Who Tech, found online at, is an organization that is dedicated to making sure that women who create technology based start-ups have access to the funding they need to
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In most door to door sales positions you would need to buy your own kit, find your own leads, follow up, be proactive and work, work, work. Vector, however, requires something more. Initiall
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WorkHands, found online at, is a new organization who says that their goal is to help American craftsman and workers have a place online where they can promote their work and co
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Founded in 2010, WorkMarket’s vision is to power the future of work by building a modern work market with an exchange between businesses and skilled professionals. They deliver great t
Based on 0 Reviews is a website for people who enjoy writing and would like to earn money doing it to use to find freelance writing jobs, as well as access to valuable online writing resources. 
Writers Work
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Writers Work is an online platform that works towards creating an effortless and stress-free life for all potential freelance writers. The platform brings together talented freelance writers
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I would give it a -10. Not a legitimate site. Online chat help is not human and asks for personal information.
Based on 0 Reviews is a website which says that they are dedicated to helping the freelance writing community by connecting writers with employers to complete simple writing tasks.

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