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Based on 1 Review is a website run by America On Line (AOL), where they encourage people with talents in writing, photography, and filmmaking to “Create, Be Heard, and Get Paid.” S
Simply Hired
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Simply Hired, located at, is a job search website that helps you find jobs by industry category, location, and position keyword, both in the United States and internationa
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Finding a babysitter or a nanny is what was developed for. With their site you can view many experienced sitters and determine which ones fit your requirements and needs. S
Based on 10 Reviews is a website which claims that your brain is “wired” to do certain things better than others, and that choosing a career path which naturally fits you is your key
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I answered an ad for a janitor job and was asked for my phone number. I never questioned them wanting information to include my number hoping that I would find legitimate employment. But ins
Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of StartMonday, a company that says their goal is to provide people with a brand new way to make positive first impressions when applying for jobs. 
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Finding a job can be frustrating at times and can actually be incredibly time consuming; it is almost like a full time job in itself. StartWire is a website where you can create your very
Tai Lopez
Based on 0 Reviews is the online home and website for Tai Lopez, a financial guide who says he has dedicated his life to finding the “secret formula” to success, and now tries to help
Talent Inc
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Talent Inc, found online at, is a company which claims to be the world’s largest resume and CV writing service, with multiple subsidiaries dedicated to helping customers
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The Targeted Career, found online at, is a new company which says that they want to provide their members with access to thousands of different jobs which are available on

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