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I REALLY wanted to use Tendr because I'd like to set up a registry without a crazy 2.5% or 3% fee. Unfortunately, I linked Venmo, and then wanted to change which Venmo account was link
The Book Depository
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The Book Depository, found online at, says that they are the United Kingdom's largest online bookseller, that offers the largest range of titles in the world available
The Bradford Exchange Online
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The Bradford Exchange Online, found online at, is an online retailer which describes themselves as “the premier source for a vast array of unique limited-edition c
The Grommet
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The Grommet, found online at, is a website who says that their purpose is to launch undiscovered products and then help to succeed. According to their website, they want th
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Wearing a watch isn't just about the ability to tell the time, it is also a fashion style which shows the individuality of a person. In order to get the best-branded watches, you must fo
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I have bought a large number of things from them, up till now not a glitch. Last order never came. I think they took my money and said thank you very much then shut there doors. I have conta
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Ordered something for a relative, paid via PayPal. Now they have taken the order but are not delivering. They refuse to answer emails, phone calls, WhatsApp. Looks like the money is blocked.
Based on 21 Reviews is a virtual auction house where both sellers and buyers can come online to meet up, interact, chat, and transact business in a wide variety of categories using a live auction
Traveler's Joy
Based on 1 Review is the online home of Traveler’s Joy, a company that provides couples with a place to register for honeymoon related expenses and activities and share these registries
Based on 2 Reviews is the online home of TrueFacet, a company that says their goal is to revolutionize modern luxury by providing people with 100% authentic jewelry and watches at a fraction of t