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Beam Telepresence
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The Beam Telepresence, found online at, is a computer based electronic which offers people and business owners the ability to work or interact with people remotely. How D
Bellabeat Leaf
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The Bellabeat Leaf, found online at, is a new product that says they want to offer people the usefulness of a health tracker with the beauty and versatility of jewelry. 
Bevy Smartphone System
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Bevy Smartphone System, found online at, is a new electronic that promises families a convenient way to keep all their photos organized in a single place so they are always accessibl
Big Boss SmarTop Cooker
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The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker describes themselves as a fool proof, all in one cooking appliance which uses revolutionary induction heat to cook food both safer and more efficiently. Ac
Binj Tablet
Based on 0 Reviews is the online home of Binj Tablet, a new electronics product available from Binj, a company who says that they were created in order to help people find and watch great video entert
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The BKey, found online at, is a product that describes itself as the "most compact wireless smartphone battery" available on today's market, and works with most ph
The Black Ops Rechargeable Lighter, found online at, is a new brand of rechargeable electric lighter which claims to be the #1 Selling Recharge Lighter in the World.&
Blazing Electronics
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Sold my phone and it could not have been easier!
Blocks Smartwatch
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Blocks Smartwatch, found online at, is a new smartwatch that promises to be made up of the modules you choose, giving you the ability to make a smartwatch that is unique to
Bluejay Smart Mount
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The Bluejay Smart Mount describes themselves as the world’s first smart mount which has the ability to seamlessly connect your phone to your car using not only a mount but also an inte

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