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If you’re always chilly in your home or office, you may have asked yourself how you can increase your personal comfort - without forcing everyone else to sweat it out. Enter ZenHeat
Zero Breeze Air Conditioner
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The Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger is a new product being crowdfunded on that promises to give people the portable light and charging
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ZeroHour, found online at, is a company that says their goal is create gear, consumer electronics, and public safety products that are intended to put the user in control, and
Zoomer Dino
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Zoomer Dino, found online at, is a new interactive toy for children ages five and up that lets kids interact with and train a toy dinosaur which moves and makes sounds all on
Zungle Sunglasses
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Zungle Sunglasses, found online at, are a new brand of sunglasses which also offer customers built-in bone conduction speakers, so they have sunglasses and headphones all in on
Zus Car Charger
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The Zus Car Charger, found online at, is a new product from Nonda, a manufacturer of different cell phone accessories, which promises this is the “coolest car device for this

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