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Cash4Books is a website that describes itself as "America's Trusted Online Textbook Buyer" who states they are committed to providing their customers with a convenient way to sell their old textbooks.

Anyone who has ever attended a college level class in the United States knows that textbooks are not cheap. And once your class is over, you're often left with a hundred dollars or more of textbooks you longer need.

College bookstores often hold buy back programs at the end of the year where they regularly offer a few dollars for books that were originally priced ten times that or more, and then the following semester they offer the books at almost the full original price all over again. Unfortunately, this process is completely legit.

People who want a different solution, a way to make more money back on their old textbooks, have turned to the internet in the last few years hoping to find other places that will purchase their books at a more reasonable price. 


While there is always Amazon or other book buyers, says that they have been a trusted buyer since 2004, when the owners of McKenzie Books, a family owned business in Oregon, decided to establish their online used book buying service.

Since they began this section of their business, they have been committed to providing a safe, reliable, and convenient way for anyone to sell their books and textbooks, and to date they have purchase more than 2 million books from 320,000 customers.

In general, they concentrate their used book purchasing services on textbooks, but there are times when they purchase both fiction and non-fiction hardbacks and paperbacks - their website says it is always worth it to check.

Customers who have any questions or complaints about the services they receive from can call them at their toll free number, 1-877-243-5935.

If you have any experience with Cash4Books or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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It's a scam!
August 27, 2019

I sent two textbooks to Cash4Books. Each was the latest edition and in perfectly good condition (no markings whatsoever, no labels, no folded pages, nothing!). Based on the ISBNs, they quoted me above $60 for the two textbooks. That was quite a bit lower than what Amazon sellers were selling their used textbooks for, but I don’t know how to sell to the Amazon booksellers. So I printed out the mailing labels and sent the books off, perfectly packaged as they instructed. Three weeks later, I still haven’t received a check but I looked at my account they set up. They are showing that they will pay me $13.62 for the two textbooks. One of them costs over $75 on Amazon when sold used. So you know they will make a hefty profit off of my textbooks. Shipping did not cost that much. Plus they quoted a much higher price (still nowhere near what the textbooks were worth used). If the textbooks were in bad condition, I could understand. BUT THEY WERE IN PERFECT CONDITION!