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About is the online home of Carvertise, a company that promises to give their brand name customers access to high quality, effective marketing while provider daily commuters with an easy way to earn extra money. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, companies who are looking to advertise their company and services in an efficient and unexpected way should be looking at, a marketing and advertising company that provides a different and unique way of getting noticed.

The term advertising “impressions” in usually used in online marketing to count the number of times a person is exposed to a specific advertisement, whether or not they actually click on the ad. Carvertise says that they can provide impressions as well, but out in the real world, by having experienced and competent drivers “wrap” their cars in custom ads.

In order to be a Carvertise driver, you must drive at least 25 miles per day, have a clean driving record, and own a 2005 car or newer with a factory finish paint job. When an ad is paired with a driver, promises that every car in their campaign will drive at least 800 miles per month and generate 110,000 – 200,000 impressions per month.

Companies will get to choose the start date and length of their campaign, usually anywhere between 3 and 6 months, and a targeted geographic area where the company would like their message spread. 

Cost/Price Plans

Customers who are hoping to use their services in order to market or advertise their company would do best to contact the company directly to get the most accurate and appropriate pricing estimates.

People who apply to their website in order to qualify as drivers and are chosen for their advertising campaigns will not need to pay any money toward applying or toward having their car wrapped. will take care of all expenses, and they do not ask their drivers to go anywhere other than their normal, daily routes. The website says that their drivers average about $100 per month that their car carries an ad.  

Refund Policy

At this time it does not appear that this company offers a traditional Refund Policy, though their clients are welcome to ask what kind of other policies they do have in place when they contact this company for pricing information. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] for clients and [email protected] for prospective or active drivers. 


At this time, there simply aren’t that many reviews of this company available, either by their clients or by their drivers, making it a little more complicated for prospective customers to know what they’re getting into.

That being said, this company does appear to promote their earnings opportunity realistically and responsibly, quoting monthly income at $100, and saying that they never require their drivers to place an ad on their car that they are not comfortable with, for any reason. 

They also promise to provide their clients with a “Proof of Wrap” and a monthly analytics report that shows the impact their marketing campaign is making. For all these reasons, it seems as though is a legitimate company to work with at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

It does seem as though there are other companies that provide this same opportunity, but this is also an earning opportunity that is used a scam by other websites who promises thousands of dollars each month for drivers to put up their ads. Customers should do careful due diligence on any company they are considering partnering with.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Wrap took the paint off my car

December21, 2017

What was a seemingly good way to earn cash ended up in a deinstall fail. The deinstallstion of the wrap caused the paint to buckle and peel off of my car which is over a year old. The guys use torches to install and deinstall the wrap. My mechanic stated that the torch burned and then buckled the area resulting in the paint coming off as well as the frame buckling inward. Beware of their contract that states they are responsible for up to a mere $200 of repairs. Nothing compared to the actual cost to repair.

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