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Unauthorized Charges for MONTHS

April29, 2014

Car report seemed "ok". However, the unauthorized charges continue monthly on our credit card. BE WARNED - there's a LITTLE TINY OBSCURE box that is checked by default.. if you do not UNCHECK this box, you authorize them to make continuous charges (for what, I have NO IDEA, since you are only ordering ONE report). It's some kind of "club" you've joined. SUCH A SCAM!!!!!!!

I contacted the company via their online customer service so that I could have a copy of our conversation. Clearly the agent knew EXACTLY what my complaint was about - I'm sure that's the bulk of her daily job - and so the standard response:

"Yuliana: When you signed up to get your report you clicked the box that enrolled you in our volume discount program which is $14.95 a month.

Yuliana: I am sorry that you have decided to close your account. Please allow me a moment to process this for you.

Yuliana: OK, I have closed your account and removed the remaining charges of $14.95. You have been credited all subsequent charges of $14.95 effective today, these remaining charge(s) have been voided. Your confirmation number is: xxxx"

No complaints that it was handled quickly (because they've done it so many times before, and they're avoiding a lawsuit)... but they've been charging us for over 6 months! And yes I check my credit card - and asked my bank to STOP the payments, which they said they had done - however the charges continued. My next option was to close my account and open a new one. UGH. :(

SO -- After account was closed (let's hope), I was automatically directed to a site for "" -- ??? I have NO idea what that was about either.....

Avoid this company and go through the company that has been doing this legitimately for years -- it's worth the extra cost, as they have no financial gain from FORCING their customers to enter into an agreement for ENDLESS charges to their credit card. NOT WORTH saving a few bucks over!!!!! Go with Car Fax and be done with it!

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