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Care/Of is a monthly vitamin subscription service. It was designed to take the guesswork out of vitamin and herbal regimens. The program is aimed at people who need to focus more on nutrition, but just don’t seem to have the time to eat right.

The concept for Care/Of is said to have begun with two guys and an idea in 2016. The research control center is currently located in Vermont while the main office is situated in New York. The founders say they participate in the program and receive their own monthly packets of personalized vitamins.

How Does Care/Of Work?

The Care/Of vitamin subscription service is tailored to the subscriber’s health. The goal is to help him, or her, achieve optimal health. As a visitor, your first step is to answer a handful of specific questions. Your answers provide information about your diet, current health, exercise regimen, gender, and age.  One of the questions directly asks about your main health concern.

Once you have completed the survey, this data is then used to design a supplement regimen tailored specifically to your health needs. You are presented with the contents of a daily recommended packet. You are offered a range of supplements and what the company refers to as quick sticks. The quick sticks contain properties aimed at specific health and nutrition goals. They resemble the old-fashioned pixie sticks from childhood but are obviously much better for you.

You have the option to accept the recommended packets. You then subscribe to the monthly service and pay to have your 30-day your supply sent to your doorstep each month. The service provides the option to further customize the packet based on your personal preferences if you prefer to tweak your regimen.

Many consumers are highly skeptical as to whether there is any value in tailoring supplements based on simple, seemingly impersonal surveys. Others are supplement skeptics in general. The FDA says that you receive adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals through a balanced menu. The problem is not everyone has healthy eating habits.

Scientific Statistical Data

The Council for Responsible Nutrition in Washington DC released a study showing certain demographics can indeed assist in determining the best nutritional route for individuals. These variables include age, gender, income, and geolocation.

Researchers have been focusing more and more on the benefits of supplements. Recent results demonstrate that not only can vitamin supplementation be health beneficial but may help co-treat or even assist in disease prevention. This is especially true within high-risk populations.

Scientific findings show that the average individual in America today does not receive adequate nutrition from their daily diet. In fact, common dietary habits across the board are low in valuable nutrients. The menus that many individuals follow are also high in sodium, saturated fats, and cholesterol.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of your recommended packet depends upon your nutritional needs. Those who are health conscious mat receive only a couple of recommendations. On the other hand, your results may consist of several types of daily supplements. This may be due to a hectic schedule which leaves only time for eating on the run.

This means that your monthly subscription could cost around $5 per month or more than $30 every month. As mentioned, you can review the recommendations and customize your packet accordingly. Once you join the service, you’ll be prompted to download the Care/Of app. In addition to being able to manage your account on the run, the company offers discounts to app users.

Customer Service Support

Care/Of offers customers two methods of contact for support. You may email the company at [email protected] If you prefer to call them, the Care/Of customer service phone number is 1 (877) 227-3631.

You can cancel your Care/Of vitamins subscription or pause your shipments for a bit. You only need to contact the company via email. You may also return the unused portion of a shipment for your money back if you are unsatisfied. The company states this is regardless of how many of the packets you have already taken.

The Care/Of vitamin subscription service has received at least a 4 out 5 rating from the majority of customers. Of course, if you are not satisfied you can contact the company to rectify the situation as described above. All of this is explained on the Care/Of website.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to Care/Of. Many well-known vitamin companies offer packets which can be shipped to your door. In general, these are pre-designed, and you do not have the ability to adjust the contents. There are also a few other companies to investigate which offer services similar to Care/Of. is geared toward women and is around $30 per month. begins with an assessment like Care/Of, but you do not appear to have the ability to customize the packet contents. This program is under the $30 mark.

The Honest Company Health and Wellness Bundle is another vitamin subscription service for about $36 a month.


You should remember that vitamins and minerals are supplements. They are not a substitute for any sort of necessary medical care or complete nutrition. That being said, Care/Of does seem to offer one of the most customizable services available.

Care/Of offers subscriptions for specific health requirements. The monthly packets may be adjusted for prenatal care or vegan support. It is tailor-made nutritional aid delivered right to your front door. It appears to be a convenient service for busy professionals who may need a nutritional boost.

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