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About is a website which promises that their goal is to provide “Customer Experience Above All” with their consumer advocate services for those who are in the process of buying and owning a car.

Buying a car is often one of the most expensive commitments a person can make, as well as an investment that will likely be long term. This has created a demand for companies like and who are willing to help consumers determine whether or not the car they are hoping to purchase is the right one for them.

More than ten years ago, was established as a provider of pre-purchase car inspections, dedicated to protecting their customers from seller fraud so that consumers could feel confident about the vehicle they were purchasing.

Since then, has expanded to offer a large variety of services, all intended to make the car buying and owning experience the best it can. They will assist their users in finding quotes on extended warranties, car insurance, vehicle inspections, vehicle history reports, and auto financing.

In addition they offer something they call Extended Vehicle Protection, which is more commonly understood as an extended auto warranty, and can help customers save thousands on expensive repairs after their manufacturer’s warranty expires.

The instant quoting system at is described as letting customers speak to a specialist while having the ability to see all the same information online that is available to the specialist.

Customers can also perform product comparisons, view contracts, and access plan features and benefits. promises that their specialists will “seek to understand the specific needs of each customer” and find you the highest level of coverage at the lowest price.

Car owners who purchase the Extended Vehicle Protection and then decide that they have complaints or issues with the coverage can take advantage of’s 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

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