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CarboFix is a supplement whose creators state is focused on preventing weight gain, increasing fat loss and activating the enzyme AMPk in the body. AMPk is the key to increasing your metabolism to help you reduce abdominal fat.

The company claims that with just 2 tablets per day, you can activate your metabolism to burn fat more effectively. If you have 15 or more pounds to lose, and your body seems resistant to changes in diet and exercise, CarboFix might be your solution.

What Is CarboFix?

CarboFix describes AMPk as “the genetic master switch that controls our metabolism”, and when it’s activated, it can speed up your metabolism preventing long term illness like Type 2 Diabetes and improve cardiovascular health.

AMPk helps convert sugar and fat into energy, while simultaneously decreasing hunger.  AMPk is often blocked by certain carbs, fruits and even high sugar vegetables, and it needs to be activated in the body. 


When you eat anything with fructans, even if that is healthy foods like fruit or beans, your blood sugar spikes and your body produces insulin. And when your body is producing insulin, it will stop burning fat, because insulin blocks AMPk. Additionally, as we age, our bodies naturally produce less AMPk, which is why we notice our metabolism slowing down as we get older.

How Does CarboFix Work?

CarboFix is a carbohydrate management formula that helps you to activate your AMPk using several key ingredients:

  • Berberine: a plant extract that helps to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut, decreases sugar production in the liver, and lowers total cholesterol.
  • Cinnamon Bark: known as “true cinnamon”, this is of superior quality and more rare than regular cinnamon, and regulates the enzyme AMPk to prevent cells from being filled with fat 
  • Alpha Lipolic Acid: increases insulin sensitivity by activating AMPk in skeletal muscle
  • Chromium: essential mineral that can increase the amount of AMPk in skeletal muscles
  • Bentotiamine: B vitamin that reduces inflammation levels
  • Naringin: flavonoid with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Each serving of CarboFix contains a rather small dosage of these six active ingredients. The formula is more similar to some diabetes supplements rather than other weight loss or diet pills.

The company publishes the full list of ingredients and dosages. They don’t package the ingredients into a proprietary formula or hide their doses, which adds to the credibility of this supplement. Although doses aren’t particularly high given the supplement’s high price, CarboFix is transparent with its ingredient label.

Directions for use are simple: simply take two capsules per day. You can take these morning or night, depending on your preference.

Together, these ingredients work hard to stimulate AMPk production, and prevent carbohydrate intake from blocking those enzymes from releasing. All of this leads to a jump start in your metabolism and your fat loss journey.

Cost and Price Plans

You can purchase CarboFix directly from the site, where one bottle is $49, providing a month’s worth of the diet pills. You also have the option to buy in bulk and increase your savings – you can purchase a 90 day supply for $126, ($42 per bottle) or the best price is available with a 180 day supply for $204 ($34 per bottle).

The official diet supplement is currently available on their approved site, and is not yet in stores like Walmart or on Amazon. All purchases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

CarboFix was created by a Canadian supplement company named Gold Vida and you can contact them via the customer service email: [email protected] Each purchase from their site comes with a 60-day guarantee, though you have to pay for shipping even if you return it. They do not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page.

The company address is:

Gold Vida, LLC
2283 Yellowbirch Way
London, ON, Canada

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

While there are outstanding reviews from consumers on the CarboFix site, it’s difficult to find real reviews or independent reviews online nor are there any “before and after” pictures to demonstrate the results.

Diet supplements in general tend to have bad reviews as they usually overstate their results as “miracle pills” when they are really a long term plan towards improving metabolism and health when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.

Competitors and Alternatives

You might be wondering – there are so many supplements out there for weight loss, is CarboFix right for me? To help answer that question, we’ll compare against some similar products.

The Golo Weight Loss program is a shorter term nutritional plan that became the most searched diet in 2016, by promoting weight loss through insulin management. The majority of this plan is focused on a calorie-controlled diet of unprocessed foods, but there is also a “release supplement” that includes magnesium, zinc and chromium to support weight loss and the restoration of insulin resistance.

Another product with a similar goal is Manticore. Manticore, however, while it seems to be very powerful, is recommended for use by only experienced supplement users. Carbofix is a safer, more natural alternative to Manticore that can be used by any person.

Is CarboFix Worth It?

When it comes to reviewing CarboFix, there’s really not a lot of information other than what can be found on the official company site. On one hand, the ingredients are 100% natural, and safe to consume for the general public. The supplement is also produced in an FDA approved facility in the US to ensure quality and safety.

On the other hand, Carbofix boasts results visible in the first 72 hours for most consumers – it’s unlikely that’s the case. As with any supplement, results require consistent use over time. Carbofix also is not made to work on younger people – it seems to be focused on ages 40 and up as the primary audience for consumers.

As with any supplement, take the claims with a grain of salt, and talk to your doctor before beginning to take CarboFix.

If you have any experience with CarboFix, please leave your reviews below. 

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