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Due to the fast-paced world in which we live, continuing education if often put on hold because there simply is not enough time, Capella University offers the flexibility to fit your needs. Capella University is an interactive computer-based school. Technological advances have made it possible to earn a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and other professional certificates online.

Online course discussions are available morning, noon and night. The course discussions are optional; they allow you to interact with instructors and peers. Assignments, projects and presentations are primarily completed offline and submitted directly to the course instructor through an online school account.

Capella offers monthly registration, advisors are available to guide you through your class selections and determine if previous class credits are transferable. The school year is divided into quarters and each course lasts 10-12 weeks. Students control their own pace by choosing the number of classes they enroll in each quarter.

There is an initial application fee of $50.00. The tuition costs are calculated per credit; however, some of the advanced degrees only offer quarterly tuition. Individual credits range from $300-$500 and quarterly tuitions range from $4k-$5k.

Taking online courses and earning degrees online is both time efficient and cost effective. The amount of time saved, driving to and from school, adds up quickly. Listening to teachers lecture for hours is very boring for most students. Some students do not learn well in lecture-based classes and end up sitting impatiently for hours.

Online learning eliminates the need to attend drawn out lectures. Another benefit is the amount of money you save on gas. Drivers are more conscious on their traveling costs because of soaring gas prices. Online schools eliminate worries of spending too much money at the pump so you can put the money toward tuition.

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February11, 2013

Another school that preys again on your pocketbooks and wallets. How totally convincing I want to "matter"...because if you attend Capella, to them, your money doesn't "matter" as long as you've got it to shell out!!

I have seen such filth like this with the University of Phoenix, Strayer "University" (was College for a while!!), Southern New Hampshire University, ITT Technical Institute, DeVry, and American "Public" University...all for-profits and easy grades!!

And what's worse is they can jack up the tuition anytime they feel like it...because it doesn't "matter" to them, being for-profit.

Save yourself the expense. Go to a state university or community college. There you will "matter" and get a more-qualified and visibly known degree rather than a $30,000-40,000 one in a field that doesn't even recognize transfer credit. Another for-profit swindle.


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