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Cannon EOS 350d
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2 ‘Cannon EOS 350d’ Reviews
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2 Reviews

Nice product

Reviewed By Samit Kapoor on January 4, 2015

My wive has one and it is very nice. Very expensive though.

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A few things to know about DSLR devices

Reviewed By Susan Smith on October 15, 2013, Ny, ny

A few years back I was looking around for good camera just to play around with. I have always been passionate about photography and there comes a moment in life when you just want to go all out and try everything you wanted to at one point. I decided not to go with new cameras which were state of the art and cost more money than I make in a month :) so I found a used camera on which was a Cannon EOS 350d. I did some research of course before I bought it and justified my actions by saying "although it's an older model (late 2005) and does not have many features that the newer cameras have..its a DSLR device with great reviews from a famous brand". I bought it in the summer of 2009 and it has not disappointed me since. It works great, it a lovely, user friendly piece of machinery and if you really dig for it you will find it below $300 including a normal 18-55mm lens. The pictures that come out of the device are beautiful and after mastering some of the photography techniques I have used it everywhere I went with incredible results.

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January 04, 2015

Good review. Can you recommend place for service of camera?

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