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About Candid Dental Aligners

For those of us who couldn't quite get over their fear of the dentist, braces are an absolute nightmare. The greatest gift you could give anybody with this phobia is a clear, noninvasive, aligning retainer. They beat metal braces on account of the fact they're clear and difficult to detect, as well as being significantly less permanent.

However, aligners are still pretty expensive at the dentist’s office which can make the dream of having a nice set of teeth difficult to attain.

Candid's Clear Aligners hopes to solve that issue with a unique business model. The idea is, you can get your teeth modeled, receive expert treatment and opinions, all without having to leave home.


The aligners are specifically designed to correct the customer's unique set of teeth, without you having to walk out the door. How do they do this if they never even see your teeth? What they do is they send over to your house a teeth impression kit that puts the role of the dentist in your hands, allowing you to create your own teeth impression models that the orthodontists then use to create an effective strategy to align your teeth.

Simply ship your model over to the orthodontists at Candid, and with the given teeth impressions they’ll create your own unique and personalized clear aligners.

They send it over, and you got your aligners all ready to go, no waiting hours at the dentists. In addition, they send over a free whitening system to make sure your pearly whites stay that way.

How Does It Work?

It all starts at home. Once you go on the website, you’re asked to complete a quick survey that requires you to ask a couple of questions and for your credentials to see if you’re eligible.

The next step is ordering your teeth impression model kit, after which, Candid sends the kit directly to your house. The kit will include instructions on how to create your very own teeth impression model using the kit before you finally send the kit back to Candid.

Once mailed and received, the Orthodontists at Candid use the model to create a 3D virtual simulation of how your teeth will adjust over time using Candid’s Clear Aligners.

After you know how it works, what needs improving, and how the aligners will fix your teeth over time, Candid sends over your personalized set of clear aligners with an orthodontists instructions on when to wear the aligners along with the other products such as the premium whitening system.

Cost and Price Plans

The modeling kit itself will cost around $100 to purchase and send to your door. From there, you can order the retainers either all at once, paying about $2000, or you can make monthly payments of about $100 or so until the full price can be fully paid off.

Most things are free including the assessment of your case, treatment plan, and the very first set of retainers you receive. 

According to Candid, 50% of the costs can be shaved off with the help of your insurance companies.

Customer Service

You can contact Candid directly through their customer service telephone number, 1-844-295-6915.
You can also email them if you have any questions at [email protected]

Candid can also be reached through their twitter, facebook, and Instagram handles.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Customer opinion towards Candid is fairly polarized although the opinions do tend to lean towards positive.

Candid receives praise for the quality of their product and excellent customer service. The fact every aspect of the experience can be shipped to your door caters to a lot of the more stay at home customers out there who preferred to conduct all of their business online.

Candid also has its fair share of criticism, however. They have their share of delays, many customers have a more negative reaction towards customer service, and the product itself tends to come later than customers may hope it to. These factors put together can sometimes make the Candid experience less than ideal.

Competitors and Alternatives


ClearCorrect also provides clear aligners for those in search of a perfect set of pearly whites. If you’re looking for more of the classical approach to aligners and want to meet with an orthodontist in person then ClearCorrect is perfect for you. There are a couple downsides, however, as costs tend to be much greater and tend to have a higher unpredictability regarding costs.

Prices can vary in the thousands depending on your condition. Their methods are more accurate however as they use x-ray technology rather than a teeth impression kit, but then again bringing an x-ray machine to your house isn’t the easiest thing to do on the world.


Invisalign suffers the same problems ClearCorrect does in that their pricing carries a wide range of prices and costs depending on the customer. However, at their lowest, they do compete with Candid fairly well. They claim they have the most sophisticated 3D printing technology in the business using a large plethora of data gained from 50 years of experience. It is a more personal experience as well, meaning you would need to go see an orthodontist unlike with Candid.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club trumps Candid in that they are far more reliable when it comes to wait-time, giving a guaranteed 6 months. They also provide customers a shipped teeth impression kit that you can send over while giving the option of also going to a nearby clinic as well. Their costs, however, are also subject to this unpredictable price variance prevalent in the dentist industry.

Where to Buy?

The only place you can obtain Candid services is through their website. Purchasing the modeling kit, the clear aligners, and choosing your financing is all done on the website.


Candid is a perfect option for those of us who struggle with feeling anxious at the dentist’s office. Being a significantly more cost-effective solution than getting metal braces, in addition to being able to conduct all the business at home, makes Candid Clear Aligners a much-needed product as demand for convenience increases.

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