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If you have anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to find relief. There are certain medications you can try, but many of these have harmful side effects that render them dangerous to use for most people.

Not only that, but many anxiety medications require some time to take effect.

So what are you supposed to do?

On your search for the perfect relaxation remedy, you may have come across the CalmiGo. This calming device is meant to provide relief from stress and anxiety anywhere you go.

But is CalmiGo safe - and more importantly, does CalmiGo really work? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does it Work?

The product is an anxiety relief device that features drug-free relief from stress, anxiety, and anxiousness. It features patented and highly personalized adaptive technology that is not only proven but also recommended by health professionals. This technology has been featured by both Forbes and Living Well.

The calming device features personalized breathing regulation cues from lights and vibration to help your body return to a state of calm as quickly as possible. It stimulates numerous senses so that you can return to a focused and calm state as quickly as possible. It also emits calming scents.

According to studies posted on the their website, this device can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety just with a few minutes of use each day. It can change the way you respond to stressful situations.

If you’re wondering what’s in the formula, you might have trouble finding that information on the company’s website. Although the device is drug-free and claims to use relaxing scents and multi-sensory stimulation to calm you instead of medications, there’s not a lot of information about what those simulations might be. You can purchase the scents in options like bergamot, peppermint, and lavender.

Here’s how to use the device. When you’re feeling anxious, you can use your CalmiGo to regulate your breathing patterns. Over time, you won’t have to use the scented elements, but when you’re first getting started, these will be essential. You’ll use it three times per day for the minutes each time to reduce your anxiety and worry. Each scented element will last up to twelve weeks.

Cost and Price Plans

You can choose from two different colors - gray or purple - when you buy the device. You’ll get two scented elements for free the first time you buy. One device is $179.20 and backed by a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. You can purchase replacement scent elements for $12 apiece, too.

When you buy the CalmiGo, you will get the clamping device, a fabric pouch, a two-pack plastic scent element, and a silicone protective cover. You will also get a screwdriver to help you open the battery compartment.

There are payment plans available and some FSA plans can be used to purchase the product, too.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for a better way to relax and unwind, the CalmiGo device is not your only option. You may want to consider similar alternatives like the Bcalm and the Muse S.

The Bcalm is an anti-anxiety device that claims to provide relief from anxiety. The device works by purifying air from CO2, which is known to trigger panic attacks. You only need to take a few quick breaths to see results. It’s safe and natural with no drugs, and it’s also more affordable than the CalmiGo at just $69.99.

Another option is the Muse S. This brain-sensing headband is meant to be used while you sleep. It guides you in the process of meditation, taking the guesswork out of the practice by providing real-time feedback to tell you when you have become distracted.

It can help you start your day in a more mindful way and guide you toward more restorative sleep, too. While this device is widely acclaimed and also has positive reviews, it’s quite expensive - nearly twice the cost of the CalmiGo, in fact. It also is not meant to be used on the go.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

You will find all kinds of positive reviews for the CalmiGo device on the company website. Customers claim that the product is “really helpful during my panic attacks” and is “a holistic approach to handling stress.”

CalmiGo also has positive reviews on Amazon, for the most part. There are some customers who claim that the device does not work well for them, saying that the scents gave them headaches instead of producing the desired effect. You may want to experiment with different scents if this seems to be the case for you.

Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with customer service, you can do so by calling +1-888-4CalmiGo. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] The company has a generous return policy. You can return any undamaged device within 30 days from delivery. You will not be refunded a processing and handling fee of $10.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the device directly from the manufacturer as well as on Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

Overall, CalmiGo seems to be a solid product backed by positive reviews across various retailers’ websites. Unfortunately, it is somewhat pricey. Since it seems to function primarily by using scents from essential oils to trigger a calming response in your body, you may be able to get the same effects just by using a diffuser or rubbing oils on your wrist.

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