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Call Ruby, found online at, is a company founded in 2003 and says they can provide your business with an outsourced pool of personal receptionists who can give your business a personal touch.

According to their website, today’s customers are tired and frustrated by impersonal customer service and automated phone answering services. Customers are missing the personal connection they feel when they call a company and are directly connected to a helpful voice.

If you decide to make use of their services, Call Ruby receptionists will answer your phone calls during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 6 :00 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

These receptionists can provide your callers with vital information like descriptions of your services, directions to your business, etc. They will also direct all incoming calls to the appropriate person, and each member of your business can give Call Ruby representatives specific directions on how to handle their calls.

These receptionists can also make calls on your behalf to clients for the purposes of relaying information or to confirm appointments. Outgoing calls made to clients are billed outside of your monthly minutes and be used however your direct.

Customers who are newly signing up with the Call Ruby service can begin with a free 14 day trial to determine specifically how the talents and services of these personal receptionists can best be used by your company.

At the end of your trial, you will pay a one time activation fee of $95 to begin your service, as well as decide what package will best fit your personal needs. The smallest package they have – 100 minutes per month and one voicemail box – will cost you about $239 a month.

The next package, which consists of 200 minutes per month and two voicemail boxes, costs $397 a month. And the last package, consisting of 500 receptionist minutes and three voicemail boxes will cost $799 a month.

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