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About C9-T11 2.0

C9-T11 2.0 is an all natural supplement which says that it can promote fat loss, muscle gain, workout performance, and give their users all of these results and more within just 28 days of use.

According to their website, when people train intensely enough to stimulate large or rapid growth of muscle mass, there is an unintended side effect: your body becomes saturated with something called cortisol.

Cortisol is a “catabolic hormone” which is something that can actually stop your body from producing the lean muscle mass you are trying to build. Cortisol is also well known as the hormone your body produces which causes people to build and store fat around their midsection.

Laboratory studies have shown that muscles grow rapidly when there is an absence or low levels of cortisol present. To counteract the catabolic effects of cortisol, some athletes or bodybuilders take anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids minimize the negative effects of cortisol, but they also have many negative side effects, so those who work in sports medicine have been looking for a natural and safe way to recreate these same results.

C9-T11.com says that clinical studies conducted over the years found three different compounds which have had promising results when dealing with cortisol, and when combined these compounds “release the cortisol stranglehold.”

These three pharmaceutical grade ingredients have been tested on actual athletes in training, not just on lab mice, and have had positive results. Customers who would like to determine if it works for themselves can try the supplement for 60 days; if they are unhappy they can return the product or the empty containers for a refund.

A one month supply of C9-T11 2.0 costs $37, but they do discount bulk orders which are recommended for people who are serious about bodybuilding. The largest bulk order they currently allow is to buy six bottles, which includes two free bottles and is recommended for people who want to gain over 21 pounds of muscle for $222.

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