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About Byte Invisible Aligners

Do you have crooked teeth? If you’ve ever thought about getting braces, you probably know how expensive this can be. Even if you don’t end up purchasing the actual straightening devices, the sheer cost of visiting a dentist or orthodontist can be staggering - even if you have insurance.

Enter byte. Byte invisible aligners help straighten your teeth when you need minimal to moderate dental alignment - you can straighten your teeth without ever needing to visit an office.

What is Byte?

Curated by world-famous celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. John Marashi, the unique byte Smile Science technology helps straighten your teeth while also cutting your treatment time in half. It has a unique byte Aligner System as well as HyperByte, both of which work together to expedite the time needed to strengthen your teeth - all while doing it in a painless fashion.

Byte invisible aligners are clear plastic systems that are custom tailored to fit your teeth. On average, most users will need about three months for treatment. When you purchase a byte invisible aligners, you get free whitening, cleaners, and retainers, too. 


These aligners gradually shift your teeth and straighten your smile over time. Because you make the aligners at home yourself, you save a ton of money by not having to visit a professional. Simply use the included trays and molding putty to make and impression of your teeth and then send them back to byte. Byte will then determine whether you might be a good fit - no pun intended - for their products.

Not a good fit? No worries. Byte will refund you the full amount of the kit. But if you are a good fit, byte will have a licensed orthodontist or dentist review your molds and figure out the best course of action. Approved customers receive their aligners within a few weeks.

These aligners are BPA-free and highly transparent, made out of medical-grade polymer film. They also are tear-resistant and high-impact, as well as more stain-resistant than other aligners, according to customer reviews and the company website.

How Does Byte Work?

The company uses an exclusive dental movement acceleration device known as HyperByte. Through high-frequency vibrations, the straightener transmit soft pulses through the roots of the tooth to the bones nearby. This helps seat your aligners and reduce discomfort - all while improving traction and accelerating treatment times.

Cost and Price Plans

Byte costs $1,895. This can be paid upfront or through a financing option paid monthly through bytepay, the company's 100% guaranteed approval payment plan. You can also work with Affirm or CareCredit, two potential financing options, or pay with a major credit or debit card.

Byte even takes dental insurance, HSA, and FSA payment plans. They are one of the few companies to work with Splitit, a global payment plan that lets you split your cost into interest-free monthly payments - these can be paid out over three or six months. Active and retired military members get a discount of $150.

In addition to this comparatively low cost, the company also offers free retainers to customers - this is compared to the $99 charged by most companies for retainers, which tend to only last six months.

When you purchase your byte alignment system, you also get a bottle of 3-in-1 premium teeth whitening foam and aligner cleaner. You even get breath freshener! This bargain is designed to help encourage customers to wear their aligners all day.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for an effective at-home teeth straightening solution, byte is not your only option. While in the past the only way to straighten your teeth was  to visit an orthodontist or a dentist, at-home kits are helping make a smile convenient and affordable. Here are some other options.

The first consideration you need to make is Byte vs. Invisalign. Invisalign is significantly more expensive than byte, costing anywhere between $000 and $8000 before insurance. Invisalign also requires an office visit to a dentist or orthodontist.

Next up is Smiledirect. When you compare Byte vs. SmileDirect, know that Smile Direct is slightly less expensive - but only by a few dollars. SmileDirect also requires a down payment and charges an extra $99 for retainers, so you won’t really be saving any money. Treatments with SmileDirect also tend to take a bit longer - usually around six months - and the warranty program is not as robust as it is with byte.

Finally, think about byte vs. Candid. Candid is another popular teeth alignment company and while it has better brand recognition than Byte and costs roughly the same, the treatment times are much longer - averaging six to eighteen months in most cases.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers love how quickly the Byte treatments work. You can see results when following byte’s recommended guidelines in as few as three months on average - for some people, it takes even less time to see a significant difference in their before and after pictures.

Most customer complaints can be connected back to a failure to follow the recommended guidelines. These are quite strict, but following them can make the difference between prolonged or abbreviated treatment times. For example, customers are encouraged to wear the aligners as often as possible and only take them out to eat or drink. They should be worn on both the upper and lower teeth and replacements should be ordered immediately if one is damaged. Aligners also must be switched every week.

One of the biggest praises for byte is in their foolproof, customer-satisfaction geared plan. The company guarantees your smile for life, so if your teeth move back out of alignment after you have progressed through the byte treatment plan, the company will cover the costs needed to straighten them back  - no questions asked. This lifetime guarantee is not to be ignored!

Customer Service

If you have additional questions about byte invisible aligners - or need to speak with someone regarding your lifetime guarantee - customer service representatives are easy to get ahold of. Simply call them at 866-525-9031 or send an email to [email protected] The company has a mailing address in Tucson, AZ and can also be reached by one of its many social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase a byte invisible aligner from the company’s website.

Is Byte Worth It?

If you need to straighten your teeth - and want a straight smile for the rest of your life - you need to consider byte. While invisible aligners tend to get a bad rap because they don’t keep your teeth straight for life, byte rectifies this with their lifetime guarantee. With this company’s impressive reputation for producing results in just a few months, it's the one you need to consider if you’re looking for a better, straighter smile in half the time.

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