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About Bye Bye Foundation

IT Cosmetics is the brainchild of Jamie Kern Lima, who is a former news anchor. However, in her career, she had an extra challenge to tackle. A skin condition called rosacea had posed a big challenge in her professional formative years. As a young TV presenter, she had to try to think of a way to cover her condition and still look natural on camera.

Foundation after foundation, she kept looking for one which would do its job properly. An extensive list of foundations tried later, she had a thought. She could make her own foundation which would be perfect for her skin and all other skin types. Above all, she wanted to help make a healthy foundation. Its secondary strength would be its tremendous pigmentation performance.

Eventually, she teamed up with plastic surgeons and they launched a cosmetic line. It focuses on healthy heavy duty make up.

Jamie has set out to fulfill her dream of empowering people by “helping them realize their most beautiful selves”.


This company doesn’t offer many products. It has enough to cover your basic make-up. Concealer and finishing powder are available in a number of shades. So, each skin tone should be able to find a corresponding variation.

Lipstick is available in even more colors. This way, all the preferences are covered, be it lighter or darker make-up. However, it is special for another reason. It is a three-in-one product since it does the job of a lipstick, lip stain, and a lip balm. So, even with just one of these, you are completely covered.

Do you prefer your eyeliner in color instead of its usual black? If so, you will be happy to find out that IT Cosmetics offers eyeliner in a few colors besides black. Mascara, though, comes only in black. But then again, it is a natural choice for you to discreetly accentuate your lashes.

Face disc is another multi-purpose product. It has three shades within and can substitute a bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow. All of it in one disc is a great offer. Add the nourishing minerals to the equation and you have an outstanding cosmetic product. Match it with an IT brush, and you are all set to look your best.

The star of this line is Bye Bye Foundation. This is primarily a skin care product. It focuses on hydration and revitalization of your skin. Additionally, it is great at anti-aging and sun protection. Basically, it is one product which takes care of everything your skin needs.

On top of keeping your skin healthy, it also does a great job at covering all irreparable imperfections. Its highly pigmented formula can cover even the most serious of blemishes and redness. All the while, you won’t be aware you have anything on your face. This is due to an amazingly light mineral formula.

How Does It Work?

Healthy ingredients in Bye Bye Foundation moisturize, smooth out, and soothe your skin over time. Your skin will look better even once you’ve removed the product.

However, many skin conditions are more serious and last a lifetime. These cases are exactly what IT Cosmetic had in mind while developing Bye Bye Foundation. Application of the product will depend on the condition you are dealing with and its severity. The key is in layers. One pump will give you mild coverage. On the other hand, three pumps will give you complete coverage.

The website even gives some pro tips on how exactly to apply this foundation, and a couple of tricks to up your make-up game.

Cost and Price Plans

The purchase of IT Cosmetics products seems to be limited to either a 7-piece pack or a 5-piece pack. The former contains every product the company offers, while the later comes without the eyeliner and the eyebrow pencil. Face disc and make-up brush come as a gift with either of the packs.

All in all, the price is more than acceptable for this type of pack.

Customer Service

IT Cosmetics claims to have customer service staff at customers’ disposal 7 days a week morning till midnight. They are reachable through phone at 800-465-7613, or via email on their website:

If you happen to be dissatisfied with the performance of IT’s products, you can return them for an almost full refund. Namely, shipping and handling costs will be subtracted from your amount. You have 60 days to try out all the products. If you spend all of it, just send the empty containers back, and that’s it.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Admittedly, the online reviews aren’t great. This is mostly due to bad experiences with the ordering options. Customers say they didn’t know the packages of make-up will continue arriving monthly. Reportedly, the website didn’t say anything about this.

Also, they disliked the fact that you cannot buy individual products online. Majority of these users like the products. However, the ordering options were enough to make them give up this company’s cosmetics.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are numerous competitors on the market who offer similar products, but very few who have a worthy competitor for Bye Bye Foundation.

Evitol, for example offers a great deal for its anti-aging crème. However, it does nothing when it SPF protection or covering of dark spots.

Home Mountain has a high-quality moisturizer which is also a great foundation. It’s even approved and used by Hollywood studios. Still, it is not pigmented so it doesn’t cover up anything.

Olea is probably the closest to dealing with all skin care problems at once. They have managed to make an all in one product just like IT has. However, it costs half the price of IT’s full make-up pack. So, it’s not too affordable.

Where to Buy?

The obvious place is online. Still, if you don’t want a full-on make-up set delivered to you every month, you should probably consult their customer service as to what option to choose.

Otherwise, you can find these make-up items in larger cosmetics store chains, such as Ulta.


If you happen to have persistent skin conditions that you want to cover up, Bye Bye Foundation is definitely a good choice. It is gentle on the skin and covers up all the spots, blemishes, and redness. On top of it, it has anti-aging effects.

However, read the terms and conditions carefully before you order online. If it seems confusing, it’s better to contact customer service than order and get stuck with piles of unnecessary products.

All in all, this gentle moisturizing foundation may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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