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BuyPureGreenCoffee.com is a new website promoting pure green coffee bean capsules as an all natural, effective weight loss enhancer, that they say can help you burn more fat without more exercise.

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. However, this is very important, because green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which is actually killed in the roasting process, so only green coffee beans and not roasted coffee beans contain it.

Clorogenic acid is considered an active weight loss compound for a few different reasons. First, it helps to inhibit fat absorption into your system. Second, it stimulates the activation of fat metabolism in the liver. And third, it inhibits the release of glucose into your blood, particularly after you’ve finished a meal.

BuyPureGreenCoffee.com sites a study that was done with a small group of people over a period of 12 weeks. Those that took the green coffee bean extract lost an average of 17 lbs during the trial. These findings have not yet been reviewed or verified by the FDA.

But perhaps one of the most important positive aspects of the green coffee bean extract, as mentioned by Dr.Oz on his TV show, is that it is an all natural extract, and has not been shown to have negative side effects.

If you are interested in purchasing green bean coffee extract at BuyPureGreenCoffee.com, you can purchase a one month supply for $48, a two month supply for $98 with both an extra bottle for free and free shipping, or a three month supply for $148 with two extra bottles for free and free shipping.

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Pay attention to the 12-day "Free" Trial!!!

August31, 2014

Somehow I missed the "must cancel before the 12-day trial period is over" and was charged $89.95 for that first bottle which I so far had only paid $4.95 for shipping. I called the customer service and, the Indian sounding lady kept increasing the amount of refund until I was satisfied probably another $25.00 on the previously paid shipping. Also, cancelled the account so no further troubles. I asked her why they don't put that message about the 12-day cancellation policy in the Confirmation email...but no reply.
Anyway, after the first 2 weeks of using the product, maybe I've lost a pound at best, so not sure if I'll get any more. I'll finish off the bottle and see what happens.

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December2, 2012

I called and spoke to customer service more than 3 times to see if any of them could tell me the ingredience in the pills.

1 of them claimed the chlorogenic acid was 50% but not svetol.
According to most sites SVETOL is the better ingredient.

The C.S. reps were totally unknowledgeable about the product and were basically pilons answering the phone. The only infomation i could obtain i had to wait 30 minutes on the phone trying to get a list of the ingredience contained in the product as the label does'nt list any other than caffiene 20%. and the pills are 800mg twice daily. so i asked if each pill is 400 or 800mg and they couldn't answer the question. So really unsure as to how many mg your injesting by taking the recommended 2/day

Until they list the proper ingredience and the amount per serving i would stay away from this product.

PLus it gave me a headacke after the second week.
ONce stopped taking it the headackes disappeared

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March 19, 2013

Can you give me the number that you called to talk to them...I have tried to get an RMA # to return the product I was charged for when I tried to order their free trial bottle. If I can't get this and return it I am out $152.95...PLEASE PLEASE help me!

June 24, 2013

After much research:

[email protected]


Good luck!

June 24, 2013

Their address is 405 South Dale, Mabry Highway
Tampa, Florida 33609

At least this is what they are telling me after providing me a return authorization number. They are saying I will be refunded with 2 to 4 days upon me returning the product. They offer a 50% discount off full purchase price if you would still like to try the product instead of returning it.

June 24, 2013

Two more phone numbers: (866) 434-6600 and (866) 379-2003. Their address is a UPS store. The UPS store verified Pure Green Coffee has a box there.

Their customer service people get very upset when you want to return the product. I am so ashamed I did not do more research on this horrible company before I purchased.

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Harllow Nicole


November21, 2012

I tried their one month FREE trial bottle and they charged me two weeks later for $89.95. I did not order any more and their serves is horrible. They give you NO way to officially cancel an order and they make you jump through hoops just to talk to someone.

I would have given them ZERO stars, but thats not an option.


Don't fall into their trap and lose your money like I did.

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March 19, 2013

Can you give me the number that you called to talk to them...I have tried to get an RMA # to return the product I was charged for when I tried to order their free trial bottle. If I can't get this and return it I am out $152.95...PLEASE PLEASE help me!

April 25, 2013

And they wonder why people go crazy and do bad things.Companies all over that promise you the world and give you an atlas.i feel sorry for you laura,but that wont help you get your $152 dollars back.Good Luck
RJ Brisbane Australia

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