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Scam scam scam thrives
October 13, 2023

Scam scam scam scam thrived not even the service they offer can’t get in not the website to review. The homes that I was promised leads no where and this is getting frustrating.

November 12, 2022

This website must be a SCAM! For no reason at all this business started texting me relentlessly every day. I’ve tried opting out and even called them and told them to stop texting me but it continues. I have no interest at all in any real estate. They make it very hard to find any contact info. Very shady business, BEWARE OF THIS BUSINESS!

AngelaCosta August 30, 2023

I mean.. I don't exactly when I decided to look at their, or if I actually did at all. However, they are charging me and try to hit my card quite often. I rent so I have no property to sell.

I Don’t Think It Is A Legit Site
September 21, 2022

I signed up for this site this afternoon. I paid my $1.00 for my 7 day “free trial”. I don’t know how many times I have tried to log in but the site will not load. I have tried on multiple devices. I hope I can get into the site before I get charged the $69.90 for a lousy


Edit: I finally got into the site and was able to cancel my subscription. I was not however able to view any homes near me. They all came up in towns near me but not in my town. Due to being able to cancel I did up them one star.

Scamming business that takes money from your bank account when not only unauthorized, but unknown period!!
July 30, 2022

I don't ever remember looking at this site cause I highly doubt the the claim cause I have no interest in purchasing any house and I never authorized this company to deduct $49.90 from my bank account, so my first phone call this morning will be to dispute this and absolutely get my money back immediately!!

Couldn't figure out how my account had a different balance than I was sure it what it should have been, but just got my account statement and low and behold.......

This will be only my first call, but I will be making a complaint to the BBB and definitely giving a review directly to them along with a statement on any advertisement/ Facebook/ Internet reviews, friends and as much verbal information about them for a very long time cause as a 34 year residential building contractor, I would never scam, cheat, falsify or basically steal anything from anyone or anybody, so they deserve to be revealed and prosecuted legally.


KalaHenry October 20, 2022

I agree, they are crooks.

June 30, 2022

This is a total scam. I never authorized a payment of $69.90. I'm not even looking to buy a house! They would only give me 30 back and a 25 dollar gift card.

Unauthorized charges from my account!
May 30, 2022

I will be disputing all charges I did not authorize them to take $69.90 from my account!

They don't respond
April 2, 2021
Still taking my money, $49.60 every month I am on a fixed income...come on, stop!

KalaHenry November 18, 2022

I hear you, there is something really wrong here. My account got drained again, I closed the account and unsubscribed. It's a huge inconvenience and you just feel violated.

You pay for something and get nothing for it
January 12, 2021
They take $49.60 and you don't get anything in return saving that $49.60 a month is a start for your down payment.

September 26, 2020

I'm not here to review the "Buy Distressed" company as I've just been made aware of this marketing tool.

However, I'm here to dispute the information above that describes this company as a "free" subscription. It is NOT!

There is a 30 day TRIAL for $1.00, but as soon as the trial period ends, you are CHARGED $49.90 EVERY MONTH, unless you cancel. Here's the EXACT wording of the fine print on their website:

"By clicking View Homes!, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and agree to be enrolled in the 30 day trial for $1.00. I understand that I can cancel at any time by calling (855) 866-5770. If I choose not to cancel during the trial, I understand that I will be charged $49.90 per month until I cancel. If I cancel during the trial, there will be NO FURTHER CHARGES, guaranteed."

ChariseCooper September 28, 2020

You took my money and I want it back and your so called company is llmknked to hidden listings yall are scam artist I want my money back I would never pay 100 dollars for anyone servicew when I can do it myself ****ing scam and fraudSAS

LaurieWeber September 28, 2020

Charise, contact the BBB, you can file a claim against the company AND they will help you get your money back.Thats what I would do.

VirginiaShakely Watts January 12, 2021

Thank I will too

Brooke June 21, 2022

You won’t get your money back because of their fine print we agreed too. BS. If you ask me. I just found out they have been taking $90 the last two months after the $64 or whatever it was. Ugh.

JamesW August 06, 2023

Woke up one morning and found out these guys mysteriously stole 69.70 from my account. I have never heard of this company and definitely did not sign up for their fake subscription service. Called asking for a refund and the best they could do is send a refund obligation form, which doesn't even guarantee I’ll get my money back. They are obviously scammers and should be in jail