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About Burrow Sofa

Burrow was founded in 2015 by two University of Pennsylvania classmates, Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra. The initial idea was born out of a simple conversation about sofas.

The duo was frustrated by the high costs and the amount of time and energy they needed for the assembly. That is when they decided to try and take a completely new approach to the humble sofa.

As it turned out, their idea was spot on, as the customers were immediately delighted by the new concept. In just a few years, these two have managed to create a multimillion company that redefined the concept of the sofa as we knew.

Their aim is to sell you a product that can be modified and tailored to any space and layout. In addition, the materials used are sustainably produced across the USA and they contain no harmful chemicals. The boxes used for shipping are reusable and recyclable.


The most basic product this company offers is an Armchair that is suitable for one person.

Burrow couch is based on a single design, but comes in a variety of styles. This means you can get it in different dimensions, depending on how many people you wish to seat on it.

Burrow LoveSeat, for example, is a crossover between the armchair and a sofa. Its dimensions are 36 inches deep and 61 inches long, so it can easily seat two people.

Burrow Sofa is the classic peace and the company’s top seller. Three people can sit on it, as it is 36 inches deep and 86 inches long.

Burrow King Sofa is the longest product the company offers. It is 113 inches long, so four people can comfortably sit on it without a problem.

All of the products are developed to work together, so you can make your own combinations and add or remove seats according to your needs.

Not only that, they come with an integrated smart technology. Each sofa has a unique outlet at the bottom. It is connected to the power source and allows you to plug in a standard power outlet or your USB charger.

How Does It Work?

Burrow couches are modular, which means you can customize and adjust them to your own unique space. You can add or remove a seat, add a chaise lounge, or try some other assembly options they offer.

Once you place a purchase on the company’s website, your sofa will arrive in around ten business days. And here is the best part: the sofa is placed in several boxes that can easily go through the standard doors.

You will have no problems taking the parts in and, therefore, can quickly proceed to assembling. Don’t worry, because you are sure to find your way around easily and you will not require any additional tools.

Thanks to the ingenious hinges system, all of the parts simply click together and are locked in place. In a matter of minutes, your sofa will be ready to try it out. If you wish to remodel your sofa, simply unlock the latch below, and pull the unit apart.

Cost and Price Plans

Depending on the number of seats and a type of product you wish to purchase, the prices will vary from $495 for an armchair, to $1,945 for a king sofa, paired with a chaise.

The company has special offers from time to time and maybe you can find their items on sale with the Amazon.com.

The shipping and handling costs, however, are free of charge, no matter your location and the weight of the parcel.

Customer Service

If you have questions, suggestions or require additional information, send an email to [email protected] burrow.com, or log on to a live chat on the company’s website. You can also order additional seats to go with your original purchase this way, as no phone number is disclosed.

The company has a very flexible return policy. You are entitled to a 30-day free trial and if you don’t like the product, you can schedule for the package to be shipped back to them. Thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty, you will get a full refund and will not be charged for the shipping costs.

The only requirement is for you to re-assemble the product and ship it back in its original packaging.

Online Reviews/Complaints

In a relatively short period of time, the company has managed to build a strong customer base. The main features customers are very pleased about is the fact that everything is manufactured in a sustainable way.

The materials used are durable and stain resistant. All of the products are completely modular, which means you can change them as you like.

However, sometimes the customers are not well informed about the status of their order, so the shipment takes them by surprise. Also, being modular has its own disadvantages, as the selection of features and materials is very limited, when compared to the other manufacturers.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the idea of adaptable and customized furniture, explore what other manufacturers, such as Campaign, Interior Define and American Leather have to offer as well.

Where to Buy?

To place an order, visit the company’s website here and go to the “Shop” page.

Select the size – armchair, loveseat, sofa or king sofa and move on to the fabric options. All of them include a stain-resistant, durable and high quality material, named olefin. The seat comes in one of the following colors: beige, brick red, crushed gravel, navy blue and charcoal.

There are also three finish options for the legs and you can choose between the high and low armrests. If you wish, you can also select accessories to go with your couch – ottoman, chaise, or an extra seat.

The company’s products are also available on Amazon.com and displayed in showrooms all around the country.


Burrow is a young company that took the concept of a sofa and made a revolutionary, new product that is entirely adaptable to any space and layout. The only downside to this is that the choice of fabric, color and styles are very limited/ This is for the parts to be completely compatible.

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