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Burke Decor is a lifestyle and home furnishings brand that states its products are compelled by design, function and form. 

The company also offers a monthly box delivery subscription service which it states is designed to give customers interesting and high quality spa and home goods products. 

How Does Burke Decor Work?

The company is made up of designers, photographers, and artists who choose their company’s offerings from designers and artisans they find all over the world. 

This company offers the Burke Decor Box, which is a choice of one of two different kinds of boxes, either their Spa Box or their Whole Home Box. Their Spa Box is a selection of three or four of their editors’ favorite products, which are curated to your chosen “spa profile.” 

This profile is defined by your scent preferences, including Cool + Fresh, which will include products with scents similar to cucumber, mint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil, as well as Warm + Earth, which includes products scented like musk, frankincense, and sandalwood, and finally Floral + Fruit, which focuses on scents like rose petals, honeyberry, citrus, wildberries, and thyme.

The Whole Home Box includes a variety of products, with no real final or specific number of items, which are described as some of their favorites – “from champagne flutes to aprons, desk accessories to throws.” The website says the box provides you with items to keep your home looking “freshly styled.” 

Cost/Price Plans

The Spa Boxes are all priced at $45 per month, regardless of the scent preference that you choose, and there doesn’t appear to be a set value that they claim to meet each month. The Whole Home Box, on the other hand, costs $55 per month and is described as having a total value of products of $120 minimum, and sometimes more.  

Refund Policy

Unfortunately Burke Decor Box does not offer any option for returns or refunds at this time. Customers are always welcome to cancel their membership and stop the further shipment of products and boxes in the future, but if a box has been shipped or delivered, there is no option to return it for a refund. 

If you receive a box where an item is defective or damaged, please contact their Customer Service team as soon as you possibly can so they can address your issues.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-338-8111 or by email at [email protected] 


Though most of the reviews of this product come from monthly subscription review blogs and not from average, every day customers, there does appear to be a general consensus about this company and their products, and they’re all positive.

It appears that nearly all reviewers that had a chance to receive their Whole Home box encountered a problem that required the contents of a single box to be shipped over the course of two months with a single payment.

But despite that small snafu, people seem to be extremely happy with what they received, and they claim that their box(es) had a value of at least double the $55 subscription fee, and sometimes even more. 

As for the Spa Box, customers also reported loving the high quality of the products they received, but it was reported more than once that even though the website requests that you choose your preferred scent family for the box, the company doesn’t really stick to them, and often crosses over scent families.

However, most reviewers said they didn’t mind – they still loved the products and the value of what they received. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Monthly subscription services are becoming more and more popular in all areas of hobbies and lifestyle, and there are many other boxes available aimed at enjoying life, including food, reading, fishing, technology, and many other pursuits.

If you have any experience with Burke Decor or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Burke Decor Customer Reviews

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Horrible company
October 5, 2022

DO NOT ORDER. If you’re looking for a company that sends you broken cement large vases, and doesn’t assist in the return, shop here. If you’re looking to spend $2000 on a table that will take 12 months to arrive, for the delivery man to leave it outside the house, MAKE YOU CRY, and force you to hire someone to help you move it inside, shop here. If you’re looking for a return, I hope you’re not expecting the money to come back. A year of dealing with this company and let me say, the joke was definitely on me. They gaslight you too! So, if you’re looking for the worst company in the world, look no further.

Phenomenal Experience
June 24, 2020
This company takes wallcoverings seriously. From selection to sampling to what i would call best in class order execution. We had a phenomenal experience overall. Then, even better a really straightforward to install. Overlap works fine. Recommend the peel

A ton of fake reviews circulating
February 21, 2019
I’ve had terrible experiences with Burke decor, from very long ship time to extremely rude and unresponsive customer service. I have to think that all of the positive reviews are fake, as they look suspicious. There’s also no way as a customer to write a review on the product that you bought even though they have a reviews section..