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Money grabbers
January 19, 2024

Reclaiming the deposit from them seems like an unattainable dream; they fabricate reasons to withhold it. Despite vacating the room on December 31st and providing photographic evidence of its cleanliness, the bungalow unjustly charged me $180. This charge resulted from a roommate placing their mattress in my room, a situation exacerbated by the bungalow's refusal to acknowledge their illegal entry. When confronted, they directed me to inquire about the charge from the same roommate who reported the unauthorized entry. Astonishingly, the bungalow apologized to the roommate for the breach. It becomes apparent that, due to my non-customer status, they are unwilling to return the money without providing any substantial reasons. Additionally, they imposed extra charges of $140 for monthly cleaning and $110 for move-out cleaning. It is advisable to steer clear of Bungalow to avoid falling into such traps.

Horrible Company
December 6, 2023

I do not pride myself on writing bad reviews; in fact, I seldom do. However, this company needs to be held accountable. I will post this in as many places as I can to help guide people in any direction BUT this company.

As a first-time renter this company may seem attractive but things that look too good to be true often are. Bungalow doesn't pay their rent on time despite residents paying in a timely fashion.

The actual property owner and the State of Oregon tried to evict us more than five times, serving notices for lack of payment. (I have these letters showing thousands of overdue payments). Ironically, they rent these properties for pennies on the dollar (these documents show what they are obligated to pay for renting. It's about 1/4 of what the total house pays.)

Normal maintenance and repairs for the property come out of RENTERS pockets (this is highly unusual). Example: clearing a kitchen sink drain at the cost of over $400 per resident.

They do not inspect the rooms prior to moving in; they're often filthy. My room had no light bulbs and trash scattered in the private patio and side yard. I repainted all the walls in my room (my expense) because dirt and stains were everywhere.

We had an infestation of bugs that sent a resident to the hospital too. Bungalow not only ignored the problem but made us pay for carpet cleaning and extermination.

Furthermore, they are impossible to contact over the phone. I challenge you to find a phone number where an actual human picks up.

After you move in and sign, the tides turn for the worst. We had issues with roommate theft and damage due to lack of proper vetting. This company could not care less about renters and they shamelessly display this after moving in.

I strongly advise you to look elsewhere for housing. Without a question the worst renting experience I've had in over ten years as a renter. What a sad excuse for a company. If I was a betting man, I'd expect a stale automated response to follow with no resolution for current residents.

I massively regret renting from them
September 1, 2023

I had several awful experiences with Bungalow in the 9 months I lived with them. Mice in the property when I moved in, 4 months after moving the service fee (which was specified in the contract) increased from 99 dollars to 175 and it took weeks for the dishwasher to be fixed when a ticket was raised (I can't give an exact time frame here and I want to be as factual as possible in this review). Finally, when I first moved into the property there was a mattress dumped in my room. I have my own mattress and assuming that this one belonged to the property I returned the mattress to the room upon move out. I let the move out team know that it wasn't mine and I was leaving it there as this is how I found the room. They charged me 200 dollars for leaving it there even though it was theirs or a previous tenants to begin with. I've made several efforts to get in contact about this but in typical Bungalow fashion I get no response.

Bottom Line: Bungalow is very useful in getting a place to live in a hurry but in my personal experience it was a terrible mistake to choose them. I hope others can learn from my mistake

No Communication, Hidden Fees, Lies
August 3, 2023
We signed 2 year contract with Bungalow in august 2021 (we're homeowners) - as soon as the contract was signed, nearly all communication dropped and it was nearly impossible to get ahold of a person by phone - right now it is not possible at all and all communication is via email, with weeks time wait each time. We were charged a fee for the smart lock and lied to that it was installed when it wasn't. Throughout the years we were charged for maintenance requests that were either incomplete or simple tasks were charged for with hundreds of dollars. Currently our contract is expiring at the end of the month, and per the contract we should have been notified whether the tenant is renewing, and/or whether Bungalow wants to renew the contract - no response for multiple emails again. Since we live in a different city we will now need to spend money on tickets to go there in September and pray and hope that the apartment has been vacated. Save your nerves and stay away.

Criminally negligent/Woefully incompetent
May 23, 2023

Thieves and liars! This is a criminally negligent company that operates like a slum lord. They invent prices each month, they create fees that can't be explained, they DIDN'T PAY THE WATER BILL FOR OVER A YEAR which resulted in it getting shut off, despite our automatic payments each month. The monthly cost for Trash changed every billing cycle. And they seemed to only listen to or sometimes address major issues depending on what a magic 8-ball told them. I'm a 33 year old science teacher, I'm not an internet troll, but this company has caused a level of grief that I simply cannot leave unaddressed.

Truly, undeniably awful. 1 star is too much.

Feeling safe and secure.
November 2, 2022
Awesome management, staff and residents. Friendly family atmosphere. Very comfortable and pleasant accommodations. Highly recommend the Bungalow!

Trashed/Overfilled Unit - Bungalow MIA Review by Anonymous User
August 16, 2022

As a homeowner, I don't recommend using Bungalow for anything. The other members of my HoA keep sending me e-mails about noise, banging on doors, yelling outside, passing out drunk in common areas, throwing up outside, and many other issues.

Bungalow's response is to send the tenants a note and citation. I went to have my HVAC replaced and saw there were 5 mattresses strewn throughout my unit along with garbage and food.

This is a one-bedroom unit, not meant to support 5 people. That's also illegal in Chicago. I sent pictures and complaints, their response was "they'll look into it, but only 2 people signed up."

My HoA is threatening to evict the tenants and Bungalow still doesn't care and there is ZERO phone number that reaches any person. NEVER NEVER NEVER use them. Once they have you signed up as a homeowner or a tenant they stop caring about you. STAY AWAY!

CameronAdams August 27, 2022

Bungalow shouldn't be in business from my experience as a renter. I see your side, I feel bad for you too. Ripoff. Also, the "cleaning" every month almost never happens at my place, nothing ever gets done about it though, despite my many efforts.

Insane roommate, bungalow no help
July 4, 2022

Had a roommate through bungalow in west LA who ended up being extremely mentally unstable (threatening violence against other roommates, yelling and screaming to herself, paranoid, etc.) and other two roommates & I constantly felt unsafe in the home.

We filed many reports & tried all we could to negotiate, converse with her and work with bungalow but bungalow literally took no action and were SO difficult to contact.

They are an invisible company run by people behind screens in who knows what parts of the US — everything is good until it’s really bad and then there is nothing to do about it and you’re stuck with little response, help or action.

Would never recommend this company.

Do not lease. Horrible experience
February 11, 2022

Do not lease. Agree with all the other reviews. They added random move out charges for things like window blinds which were not present when I moved in. Can’t ever speak to someone on the office and it’s all over email...

This Place Is A Scam- Do Not Use
December 14, 2021

DO NOT USE!!! I used bungalow to rent a room near school and I was extremely disappointed with the condition of this place. I picked up my keys and went to the apartment and it was nothing like the video tour.

The whole place was disgusting and smelled like sulfur and pee even before we entered the apartment. I walked in and the place looked nothing like I expected. The room I was assigned was filled with stuff and I was told to inhabit a different room that was half the size of the one I was paying for.

There were ash trays all over the apartment and the whole apartment reeked of smoke and urine. I was under the impression that someone from Bungalow was going to inspect the room before I moved in.

My room in question had a dog crate and was covered in dog pee. The whole apartment seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned for months - even though they charge a fee for cleaning.

The two bathrooms were in shambles and falling apart- nothing like represented in the pictures or videos! I have never seen such misrepresentation and blatant false advertising. Trying to get my money back was an even more frustrating process than above. I didn't inhabit the room at all and they refused to refund me my money and want to charge a $1000 fee.

I'm in the process of going to court to get my money back but BEWARE AND DO NOT USE!!

JennaHerzog November 06, 2022

Wow. Do you mind sharing what city this was in?

Very Impressive Service
November 27, 2021
I must say that the home that I moved into was very well maintained although it had been vacated quite a while ago. I like everything about this place and in my opinion I got a decent bargain.

November 26, 2021

They overcharge for their housing by miles. They skimped on all the fancy "updates" they claimed to make (our grout is peeling back the vent hood in the kitchen wasn't properly wired, the thermostats are malfunctioning, the wiring in the house is sketchy, painted over the windows and we had to cut them open, etc).

They are not helpful or attentive to issues (took them 2 months to try and fix our washing machine and the property owners ended up doing it and had a nightmare time getting compensated for working on their own house when it was bungalows job to do it). App breaks down all the time. Several employees have been very rude to me.

They changed our lease mid-term and raised our utilities even though they promised a flat rate at signing. Advertise fire places you can't use. Cancelled community events and then didn't refund us. You can't cancel the option to have your home cleaned (even in a pandemic) they charge you regardless and the cleaners will take pictures of your home on their personal phones.

They advertise housing to out of state clients, they're obviously trying to attract Californian influencers. They contribute to the ongoing gentrification of our city with no regard or respect to the communities they disrupt. They are profiting from the housing crisis by leasing houses from owners and overcharging for rent driving up the cost of living all over town. They do not offer any kind of meaningful rent assistance and do not care about their tenants.

I could go on and on. Absolute garbage, do not recommend.

Bungalow should be avoided
November 16, 2021

Not responsive after filing with a 3rd party: This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 10/25/2021 against Bungalow Living, Inc... Your complaint was assigned. The Better Business Bureau has made two attempts to contact the business regarding your complaint.

We regret to inform you that we have not received a response at this time and this case has now been closed as an UNANSWERED complaint in their file. Because we are not a government agency, we cannot force a business to respond. You may wish to contact your Attorney General or like agency. If the company has contacted you directly and resolved this complaint, please let us know immediately.

Should we receive a resolution in the future, we will let you know The Better Business Bureau develops and maintains BBB Business Profiles on companies across the United States and Canada. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the business's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the review we give to consumers about them. BBB regrets that we were unable to assist you further and wishes you the best in your future efforts in resolving this matter.

Do not rent with Bungalow
November 9, 2021

I rented an apartment with Bungalow for a couple months and had a horrible experience. It's frankly hard to know where to start.

First, getting an actual person on the phone or even over email to deal with any issues is near impossible. Secondly, if you need to terminate lease early for any reason you need to give 30 day notification plus pay a 3 months rent penalty fee.

This in effect means that you will need to pay 4 months rent extra to terminate+ utilities. In my case that came out to nearly $5000 extra. This was despite the fact that the reason I had to leave early was because of a freezer leak which made my room uninhabitable for 2 weeks.

To make matters worse, a new person will email every few days with no prior knowledge of your case, so trying yo explain extenuating circumstances (including a ceiling leak in my room) is near impossible.

Don't get me started on the roommate selection process... has already been written about in the other reviews. Just know it's a joke.

Terrible experience
October 27, 2021

I decided to lease a room with bungalow because of the cost, location of the house, and the company seemed alright. This was a mistake, and I wish I had searched further for reviews. I signed the lease and was shown pictures of the room through a virtual tour and on their website. They had shown me a totally different room; different shape, size, window placements, closets, and location in the house.

When I got to the house 15 minutes after my move in time, the room was full of dirty dishes, half eaten food, dust, and clothes, I was under the impression that someone would check the room between tenants, but bungalow does not. Their customer service was extremely unhelpful, they have no phone number, and were rude and disorganized, they told me I was lying and that they would not help me, I now have to pay for their mistake as they are making me pay for a room that is not the one I was shown, and one I am not able to move into.

Don't lease with bungalow, they aren't a company to be trusted with something as important as housing.

Do not use bungalow. Terrible
September 11, 2021

Bungalow is the absolute worst! We have a roommate that we’ve been complaining about for the past year because he does hard drugs and is screaming at all hours of the night with his girlfriend on a nightly basis who is practically living here as well while we are paying for all the utilities that she uses. Bungalow has never tried to help us when we have complained about health and safety concerns because of these particular roommates. We actually just were able to get him evicted because he shot off a gun in the house and was arrested on felony assault charges. It shouldn’t have to take the cops arresting him for Bungalow to finally evict crazy dangerous roommates.

As other reviews have said, they clearly do not give thorough background checks. I’ve literally been in tears because I thought that I might die because gunshots were going off in the room right next-door. Apart from not being any help with roommates, we’ve gotten locked out many times because of the electronic keypads as well. There have been other problems, such as them not helping us with plumbing situations that resulted in a week of gray water flooding the backyard before bungalow did anything. they then had the audacity to say that we would have to pay for it if it happens again.

Also we were supposed to have a cleaning the other day and because there was gun violence the cleaning ladies didn’t come, which makes sense. However they tried to say that we had denied them entrance to the house and so we would not be reimbursed for the cleaning. They seriously lied about it so that they could save money .

I would not recommend this to my worst enemy! Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache of using Bungalow. And might I just say that this is just the tip of the iceberg. My experience here has to been nothing short of a nightmare.

Landlords --- Stay far away from Bungalow.com
August 5, 2021
I am a landlord who was promised the moon and the stars and ended up with barely pocket change -- and worse was communication after we signed the dotted line - they are extremely responsive until you sign up with them - afterwards it's just a nightmare Also read the fine print and try to sign up for the absolute minimum period if you absolutely decide to do so - I highly highly recommend you stay FAR AWAY FROM THEM -

Don't live with Bungalow
December 19, 2020

If you're interested in Bungalow, I'd recommend you look elsewhere. Terrible on so many levels.

I'm being reassigned overseas and Bungalow will not work with me to shorten my lease by 2 months. They either want me finish out the lease, regardless, or pay 3x the rent to get out of the lease early.

This is in spite of 3 other former tenants getting out of their lease with FAR more months left on their leases.

On top of that, it's been an unpleasant experience, overall. They market themselves as a fun, great way to get roommates. However, they do zero screening. They just want a credit check and then they want your money. We've had a racist roommate, a sexist roommate, a roommate that had two different boyfriends living in her room, and a few utterly filthy people living here.

Or when a guy randomly told us he had children and wanted them to start living here on weekends. Who has to ask that in a roommate interview? That should be something Bungalow pre-screens on for BASIC things in a living situation like this. When trying to resolve these issues, there's been little help.

We even have the homeowner telling us that we need to pay him directly because Bungalow isn't paying the homeowner the rent they owe him. Makes me wonder how long Bungalow will be around if they can't pay the property owners.

Then there are the maintenance issues. A year and a half ago, the building door wouldn't open. The electronic lock was malfunctioning. We were locked out for more than a week. Every time we called, it was basically a "we don't know what to do." We're paying you rent for a place we couldn't even get into?!

Then there was the A/C. That was broken for a month, during the hottest time of the year. We got the runaround when someone could come and fix it. In the end, the only thing that was needed was for the refrigerate to be recharged.

We currently have a washer that hasn't worked in 2 and a half months. Very little help. The most hilarious (in that exasperated way) is that there's a pad in our unit that communicates with the front door. But it hasn't been working in almost 10 months.

Without that pad working, we can't receive FedEx, UPS, or signature required packages, because they don't have a key or code to get into the building. And so they can't get ahold of us because that pad isn't working. I've been following up and following up, but it's been MONTHS since they've even responded back.

They're giving bullshit excuses that don't hold up (especially when I gather up all the emails and screenshots regarding this issues from them). They try to blame others, when they dance around the fact that they never respond.

If you want a place to stay, but have them cram you into jenky-made rooms (they add in rooms into apartments to maximize rent they can make vs actual living space) with virtually non-existent maintenance for basic things you can't fix yourself, as well as roommates that you have to screen for things that you never thought you'd have to ask for, then Bungalow's your place!

Living with Their Mice is Considered Your Problem
September 15, 2020

Found out after moving in that there were mice in the ceiling and the walls. They left droppings in the hallway and closet, chewed a hole in the drywall, and the smell started seeping under my closed door into the room. This was over the course of months, as my roommates and I brought this up repeatedly and pest control that Bungalow hired stopped by numerous times to "fix" the problem.

Bungalow's response was apologizing for the "feelings that it caused" with the problem taking so long to fix, while I walked around an entire floor of a house that reeked of mice sending messages that took weeks for a response. Finally had to pay an early termination fee as it was becoming a health hazard, with the constant delays and half-hearted attempts to fix the problem. Don't ever sign a lease with them.

do not live here
May 6, 2020
Do not lease with Bungalow. Keep looking. I lived in a Bungalow apartment for six months and would not recommend it to my worst enemy.