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About Bungalow Living

Finding housing can be frustrating. Finding affordable housing, in the exact location you want to live, and making new friends? That’s nearly impossible. Bungalow is a service that is looking to change that hassle. This relatively new company is making waves in how we find housing, and it’s a good option for people who want to find a place to stay for a year, two years, or even more.

What is Bungalow?

With over 2000 Bungalow members around the world, this program is dedicated to “making the world feel a little smaller - and a little more connected.” Bungalow finds the best homes in the coolest neighborhoods around the country, helping people find new ways to explore the world as they experience a new way to live.

With listings in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Portland, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, Bungalow offers people a unique way to live and work. The company has found over 500 beautiful homes with uniquely designed common areas. They are stocked with everything you need to make yourself at home.

To get started, all you need to do is browse the homes and select your favorites. You can then book a tour. When you book your home, you will be connected with your roommates before moving in. you can then sign a lease and pay a deposit to secure your move-in date.

Once you move in, you will compose and agree to a set of house rules. These will be kept in printed or digital form so that all roommates will have access to it. Resident disputes can be resoled via a customer success team who can help handle any disagreements. However, disputes are rare, as all residents are able to view bios of other residents before signing a rental agreement.

After moving in, you and your roommates can also work out a few ideas for room furniture arrangements and other items applicable to your housing situation. Everything is done as a group, so you don’t have to worry about decisions being made without your awareness (or agreeance) with them.

Cost and Price Plans

Depending on the home you select (and the location it is in), your move-in costs will vary. Usually, you will pay the first month’s rent and a security deposit (which equates to one month of rent without utilities). Bungalow is unique in that it does not charge a broker fee.

Utilities are not included in the base rent for Bungalow units - you will need to pay for this yourself. You will pay one set fee for all utilities, which will usually cover Internet, electricity, trash, sewage and water and a monthly cleaning fee. Some locations also offer landscaping.

If you’re a homeowner, you can also rent your home to Bungalow for people to live in. As a homeowner, you will receive payments from Bungalow that cover the full cost of rent. Residents usually turn over less often than once every twelve months, meaning you will have access to a long-term tenant without all of the hassle of renting out the unit yourself.

Competitors and Alternatives

Bungalow isn’t the only name when it comes to finding affordable, high-quality community housing. You could also contact a real estate agent or use a rental app, like Craigslist, Trulia, or Redfin. Facebook also has plenty of group boards and opportunities for people looking to rent. However, none of these options is as easy, safe, or convenient to use as is Bungalow Living.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Anybody can rent with Bungalow, but the service is the most attractive to people who are looking to live with others and build a new community. Usually, applicants with credit scores of at least 650 are preferred, as are those with an income that are about three times the base rent price. Applicants with prior criminal histories should not apply. Because Bungalow is designed for young, single professionals, this program has received rave reviews by renters all over the country.

One of the major complaints about Bungalow is that there are few options available to people with pets. If you have a dog or a cat, you probably will not be able to live in a Bungalow home. While there are several pet friendly living areas across the country, these are generally quite limited.

Customer Service

If you have a problem with a fellow resident, you can resolve your disputes by contacting the customer service team at [email protected] You can also message the company by using the messaging form on the website. Bungalow also has an active social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

Where Can I Sign Up For Bungalow?

You can sign up for Bungalow by visiting the company’s website. Here, you can complete the application process entirely online. After you attend a viewing the Community Manager will send you an application link that will require you to provide your credit score, rental history, and proof of income. Applicants who are denied can apply with a cosigner.

Is Bungalow Worth It?

If you are struggling to find a nice place to stay - or to find the right community to help you feel settled in your new neighborhood - Bungalow might be the perfect option for you. Not only will this company help hook you up with new roommates, but it will set you up with a gorgeous home in one of the best cities in the world. Give Bungalow a try today. 

6 ‘Bungalow Living’ Reviews
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Don't live with Bungalow

December 19, 2020

If you're interested in Bungalow, I'd recommend you look elsewhere. Terrible on so many levels.

I'm being reassigned overseas and Bungalow will not work with me to shorten my lease by 2 months. They either want me finish out the lease, regardless, or pay 3x the rent to get out of the lease early.

This is in spite of 3 other former tenants getting out of their lease with FAR more months left on their leases.

On top of that, it's been an unpleasant experience, overall. They market themselves as a fun, great way to get roommates. However, they do zero screening. They just want a credit check and then they want your money. We've had a racist roommate, a sexist roommate, a roommate that had two different boyfriends living in her room, and a few utterly filthy people living here.

Or when a guy randomly told us he had children and wanted them to start living here on weekends. Who has to ask that in a roommate interview? That should be something Bungalow pre-screens on for BASIC things in a living situation like this. When trying to resolve these issues, there's been little help.

We even have the homeowner telling us that we need to pay him directly because Bungalow isn't paying the homeowner the rent they owe him. Makes me wonder how long Bungalow will be around if they can't pay the property owners.

Then there are the maintenance issues. A year and a half ago, the building door wouldn't open. The electronic lock was malfunctioning. We were locked out for more than a week. Every time we called, it was basically a "we don't know what to do." We're paying you rent for a place we couldn't even get into?!

Then there was the A/C. That was broken for a month, during the hottest time of the year. We got the runaround when someone could come and fix it. In the end, the only thing that was needed was for the refrigerate to be recharged.

We currently have a washer that hasn't worked in 2 and a half months. Very little help. The most hilarious (in that exasperated way) is that there's a pad in our unit that communicates with the front door. But it hasn't been working in almost 10 months.

Without that pad working, we can't receive FedEx, UPS, or signature required packages, because they don't have a key or code to get into the building. And so they can't get ahold of us because that pad isn't working. I've been following up and following up, but it's been MONTHS since they've even responded back.

They're giving bullshit excuses that don't hold up (especially when I gather up all the emails and screenshots regarding this issues from them). They try to blame others, when they dance around the fact that they never respond.

If you want a place to stay, but have them cram you into jenky-made rooms (they add in rooms into apartments to maximize rent they can make vs actual living space) with virtually non-existent maintenance for basic things you can't fix yourself, as well as roommates that you have to screen for things that you never thought you'd have to ask for, then Bungalow's your place!

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Living with Their Mice is Considered Your Problem

September 15, 2020

Found out after moving in that there were mice in the ceiling and the walls. They left droppings in the hallway and closet, chewed a hole in the drywall, and the smell started seeping under my closed door into the room. This was over the course of months, as my roommates and I brought this up repeatedly and pest control that Bungalow hired stopped by numerous times to "fix" the problem.

Bungalow's response was apologizing for the "feelings that it caused" with the problem taking so long to fix, while I walked around an entire floor of a house that reeked of mice sending messages that took weeks for a response. Finally had to pay an early termination fee as it was becoming a health hazard, with the constant delays and half-hearted attempts to fix the problem. Don't ever sign a lease with them.

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do not live here

May 6, 2020

Do not lease with Bungalow. Keep looking. I lived in a Bungalow apartment for six months and would not recommend it to my worst enemy.

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April 1, 2020

I don't even know where to start. Bungalow seemed like a good idea until I signed the lease with them. Since then it has been a completely nightmare. Getting them to do anything is impossible. They never answer when you have a problem, if they do they just say sorry but never actually do anything to fix it. You have to do everything yourself. Paying $150 for utilities and cleaning service is outrages when you have 5 people paying that amount for a mediocre cleaning once a month. They are profiting from taking advantage of the tenants. It actually broke my heart because I was so excited for my experience with Bungalow and it ended up being horrific. I won't even be let out of my lease even after everything they have done wrong. Do not rent from Bungalow, you will regret it.

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Terrible and dishonest company

March 4, 2020

I have lived in this house for a couple of months now and no matter how decent looking their homes may be, they have the worst and most inexperienced staff. Their staff is inconsiderate and do not care about tenants. This company is dishonest and does not try to help tenants when there's a problem tenant, when there is a maintenance issue, or anything. hell we even went 3 weeks without gas because that's how long it took for them to send someone out. Their mistakes even led to my housemates and I almost losing our lives because of a fire caused by Bungalows inability to respond to tenants about maintenance issues - oh and the house didn't have working smoke detectors. So yeah, if you wanna live in a death trap with terrible management, choose Bungalow. Just look up comments on Reddit since that is the only place I could find a lot of Bungalow stories like mine.

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Los Angeles Bungalow is Incredibly Unsafe

November 5, 2019

I have lived in a bungalow-managed property for nearly a year now.

In July, we had an awful roommate move in. Dirty, inconsiderate, rude, never helped around the house but worst of all, very unstable - always drinking while on meds, pacing around the house and whispering threats and profanities. It was textbook school shooter behavior.

Bungalow support team was provided with FOUR corroborating accounts (every single other roommate in the house), photographic evidence and correspondence with the roommate in question and STILL refused to do anything about it.

The living situation has become so untenable that myself and other roommates have just decided to find somewhere else to live when our leases are up.

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  • We care deeply about the planet and giving back to nature. Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact.

    That’s why we’re partnering with OneTreePlanted.org to plant a tree for every review posted on Reviewopedia. When you add your review to Reviewopedia you’re not only helping other customers, but our planet too!