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Horrible company and inferior product
October 29, 2023

My Belgian Malinois destroyed the toys from every box they have sent me within an hour. Neither of my dogs will even touch the treats. I tried to cancel the box because it did not live up to what was advertised, and they told me I had to pay them $30 to cancel. They have ignored my request to cancel and continue to charge me monthly. Nothing in there subscription details said that I had to stick it out for an entire year with unsatisfactory products. DO NOT RECOMMEND, COMPLETE RIP OFF.

Toys poor quality, treats are great
August 17, 2023
I personally would not recommend the 'tug' toys. They resemble a thin, flat backpack strap and my dogs had no interest in it. My pit bull chewed the rubber toy into small bits within 20 minutes of receiving. They loved the treats though. I reached out to customer service (they have been very responsive and helpful through the live chat on the Bullymake website). They said the rubber toy might qualify for a replacement after they view photos of it that I emailed to them, so fingers crossed. The only toys my dog cannot destroy so far are the Goughnuts brand toys. If your dog is like this, I wouldn't recommend ordering this subscription box.

Stay far away from BullyMake
July 6, 2023

I have never had a dog or even heard of BullyMake Box until I noticed my card was charged for it every month. I have never subscribed or received anything from them, yet they've been charging me for months now.

I have emailed them and contacted their support services but they say they can't cancel my subscription because I don't have a subscription, yet they charge me for it each month.

In order to charge my card, they would have to have my address yet nothing has ever been mailed to me.

I strongly suggest you stay away from this company. I will be contacting the FTC theft division.

STAY AWAY - unauthorized opening of account
February 7, 2023

My dog doesn't really like their toys or treats. I reached out to cancel in mid-December as I had a month-to-month subscription. They claimed that January 5th I actually signed up for a 2nd subscription with a 12 month commitment, and refuse to cancel without charging me for the whole thing. I've been working with their customer service for 2 months, and am now resorting to going through my credit card's fraud process. STAY AWAY.

KenAnderson July 06, 2023

I don't even have a dog, and have never ordered or received anything from them but they have been charging my account for months. They tell me that they can't cancel my subscription because I don't have a subscription, but they charge me every month. These people are thieves.

They only have smaller to toys for dogs up to 40-50 lbs
August 31, 2022

When you first sign up for the dog toy and treat box you must fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions is what kind of dog breed do you have. I replied a Great Dane. I received small dog size toys.

They will not refund your money. they did offer to replace the toys I was unsatisfied with, but could not guarantee what size toys I would get. I received two small toys for a dog up to maybe 40 lbs. I would not recommend this company!!!!!!!!

Awful, Awful Experience. Will break teeth.
July 9, 2022

This company is absolutely horrible and incredibly dishonest. The nylon toys are far too hard. If you have a dog that is truly a chewer, they will crack they’re teeth. They’re teeth will fall out.

Bullymake knows this is a problem. You can see plenty of people on this page supporting that experience. My dog was you, healthy, 70 lbs, and 2 years old. He is now missing two teeth. When I contacted Bullymake to let them know about the issue and cancel my subscription, they ignored me, decided not to comment on my dogs damaged mouth, and had the audacity to sell me another box with different toys.

I tried to place a review on their Facebook page. They’re page doesn’t allow reviews, probably because they know they’ve gotten a ton like this one. I tried to comment my experience directly to users under advertisements. They comb their page for negative comments. They delete them. Then, they block the user that wrote them.

It is awful. It is not worth it. They don’t care about you or your dog. Do not buy from this dishonest company.

BullyMake is terrific! It saved our home from complete destruction!
July 3, 2022
I am so surprised by all of these negative reviews! Our experience with BullyMake was fabulous. Our 1 year old stray is small, only 45#. However, she chewed everything in the house -- including destroying all Kong toys -- and I was desperate. Then I found BullyMake and our problem was solved. Only problem we had was that sometimes she chewed the nylon toys to the point that small pieces of nylon were being torn off. We learned to smooth off the edges when this would begin to happen and: problem solved!

Kathy July 23, 2022

NOTE: I wrote this review ONE YEAR AGO!!! They are claiming that I just wrote it. I am sick to see this.

Expensive, will not cancel, destroy dog's teeth,
May 5, 2022
Do NOT subscribe! They will not cancel your account even though the website says to just email customer service to cancel. Their toys are terrible and destroy your dog's teeth. I should send them the bill!!!!

Dental Damage
April 24, 2022
Be very careful about ordering the nylon toys. I thought they would be a good idea for my dog. They are such dense nylon that they’re stronger than your dogs teeth. My 2 yo pup has lost two teeth as a result of damage from chewing the toy. It may be indestructible…. But your dog’s mouth isn’t.

Misleading, too good to be true.
February 13, 2022

Interesting it's very hard to find reviews on Bulleymake. I cancelled after receiving the first box. There were four items for $45 USD/mo.

One item I wouldn't even call a toy. It's a strap of material. The hard plastic toy my dog wont touch. The third toy lasted about an hour. So, one toy still survives after 12 hours. One toy for $45? That's not a value and shipping took two weeks.

Neat concept, but way over priced for what you (or the dog) get. Website and product descriptions are inaccurate and misleading to their true quality. Love how the website claims indestructible and will allow for returns and when you get your box the sad note included in the box that their toys don't last.

Save yourself the effort and wait, buy a $20 toy from the local store and call it good.

August 24, 2021
Beware, I like the nylon toys because they take my dog a long time to destroy; however, if you order a 3 month subscription (or any other amount of time for that matter) they will continue to send you boxes and charge your account. Apparently it is in the small print....... Additionally, the other types of toys were destroyed within minutes of giving them to my dog. I was told they would be replaced, but I never received the replacements.