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About Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog Yoga Online is a fitness-focused yoga class that can be taken, as the name implies, online. While they also offer in-class courses, this program allows you to access their yoga routines, no matter where you are located.

Bulldog Yoga Online offers a variety of different courses, including routines that are meant to work out your body, stretch and/or build your muscles, calm you down and lose weight.

Their cutesy name, Bulldog Yoga, comes from the fact that they love both yoga and bulldogs, which perfectly explains their belief that yoga should not be taken so seriously. Yoga should be enjoyed and should be relaxing, which many online yoga classes seem to miss the mark on.

Bulldog Yoga Online also sells a variety of apparel intended for yoga, so that you are able to exercise stylishly.


They have two categories of products: their yoga routines and courses and their apparel products. Their apparel ranges from yoga tops, leggings, hats and hoodies, to even apparel for your dog.

They sell clothing that is both functional and comfortable for yoga and is fashionable at the same time. However, what Bulldog Yoga Online is truly known for is their online courses. They offer a variety of programs at different prices.

Their first program is their ‘Activate’ program, which aims at gaining flexibility and strength. Secondly, they offer an ‘Invigorate’ program, which is quite literally an invigorating, whole-body workout. This workout will cover as your daily workout and will leave your blood pumping.

The next program that Bulldog Yoga Online offers is the ‘Exhilarate’ one, which is an even more intense, cardio-based version of ‘Invigorate.’ This one may be one of the harder workouts you do, but it will be worth it.

Finally, the last one they offer is the ‘Bulldog Bites’ program. While this program will certainly provide you with a good workout and stretch, it is more customizable and shorter.

This is good for beginners or those who want a less intense option but is also good for those who want to mix and match their workouts to fit their preference.

Cost and Price Plans

Bulldog Yoga Online offers 3 different pricing tiers for their online yoga courses. The first one is a daily tier, which costs $5 per day. The second is a monthly tier which costs $16 per month and finally, a monthly renewed (for at least 3 months) tier which costs $12 per month.

Customer Service

Bulldog Yoga Online has a very simple customer service page with one-click access to help. All you have to do to reach an employee is access the ‘Contact Us’ page, which will provide you with two emails.

The first email is intended for any questions or complaints regarding technical support ([email protected]). Seeing as this is an online website, it is useful to have an entire email dedicated to technical issues.

They also have another email listed to contact them for any other inquiries, which is [email protected] As for their apparel, Bulldog Yoga Online fortunately does have a return policy in place.

You must return the item 14 days after you have received it and it must be in good condition, with all the tags still attached.

To return the item, you must contact Bulldog Yoga Online for it to be authorized at either their phone number on 877-717-2507 or their return email at [email protected]

They will then refund you the full price within days of the return. However, they will not refund you for return shipping charges if the order is under $100. In addition, sale merchandise cannot be returned.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Bulldog Yoga Online has good reviews, with many people saying it is a good, hard work out. The style of yoga is fun while still being challenging, which makes it enjoyable while being a good workout at the same time.

For being an online class, it does not fail to give you a good sweat. The main issue that some may have with online classes is that you have to be motivated enough to do it, because you technically do not have a schedule that forces you to attend class.

Competitors and Alternatives

While Bulldog Yoga Online is a great choice for yoga, there are other online options.

A good alternative that competes with Bulldog Yoga Online is The Yoga Collective. This website offers similar courses as Bulldog Yoga, but the setup is totally different.

The Yoga Collective sets up their site by levels, allowing members to strive to reach harder levels, which may encourage them to continue with the lessons.

They also promote more of the spirituality behind yoga, while Bulldog Yoga Online is more geared towards yoga as a fun exercise. Another website that offers a similar service is called Do You Yoga.

Similar to The Yoga Collective, Do You Yoga tends to be more focused on the spiritual aspects of yoga. Rather than programs, they offer a variety of videos in which you are able to choose which routine to do.

This may be good if you enjoy doing a variety of workouts but may be bad if you prefer to have a more structured program. Lastly, YogaGlo is also a good option for those looking for online yoga courses.

YogaGlo seems to be more focused on the meditation and calmness that goes along with yoga. It is less of a physical exercise and more of a mental exercise. If you are looking for yoga that will change your mindset rather than yoga simply for exercise, then this is a good option.

Other options include: Beachbody 3 week Yoga Retreat, and Yoga Burn.

Where to Buy?

You are able to access Bulldog Yoga Online from their website at bulldogonline.com/, which you are then able to stream on your computer, or even your mobile device or television.


Bulldog Yoga Online is a very good option for online yoga courses as well as for finding fashionable yoga apparel. They offer a variety of programs, all of which focus on making yoga fun and not taking it too seriously.

The programs are affordable, considering the price of yoga classes you would take in real life. However, one must be committed to following the structure online. Overall, if you are committed to online yoga and are looking for a good workout, Bulldog Yoga Online is a great option for you.

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