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About Bulldog Skincare for Men

Bulldog skincare for men was launched in 2005, thanks to founder Simon Duffy. A lack of reliable and variable skincare products targeted for specific skin types in men propelled Duffy into creating Bulldog.

The range of products available will help match all your individual needs to keep you looking your best. Most of the products you buy from Bulldog are manufactured in the UK and boast of unique, natural ingredients such as green tea and camelina.

Bulldog offers products designed with all type of men in mind, including vegans!


The products feature no animal sourced ingredients, nul use of microbeads, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors. All products listed are certified by Cruelty Free International. Bulldog skincare is natural in many ways but also includes man-made ingredients when necessary. Their products are designed for a variety of skin types, including: normal, mature, sensitive, acne prone, and oily.

Find a wide range of skincare products to complete your manly regime. The Bulldog products include: face wash, moisturizers, age defense serum, after shaves, beard balm, body lotion, deodorant, face mask, products for acne, roll ons, scrubs, and so much more.

They are distributed into four categories for skincare, beard, shave, and body care for easier selection of products. You can choose to buy in packs or standalone items as you see fit.

How Does It Work?

It is very simple; figure out what type of skin you have and then order accordingly. Their website includes a few tips in the Frequently Asked Questions page about figuring out what type of skin you have and how to use their products. Each product is plainly labeled for easier identification and you can filter your shopping preferences to include only the products that are right for you. Just go online, shop around, buy, and then patiently await your order to your front doorstep.

Cost and Price Plans

Cost will vary depending on the amount of items in your shopping cart, if you have any discount codes, and/or if there is an existent sale that you can take advantage of. All prices are in Euros but you can purchase with various payment methods. You can also request or purchase gift products or sets to surprise a loved one.

Customer Service

If you wish to contact their customer service agents, you may do so through their Contact Us webpage (https://us.bulldogskincare.com/contact/) or giving them a call at 888-724-6342. The website requires a form to be filled out, including your email and phone number (optional) so they can get in touch with you as soon as possible. You may also choose to drop by for a visit in one of their local headquarters.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Bulldog Skincare holds a popular and stunning 4 star review average in the majority of review pages. There are a few complaints of their beard balms and bamboo shavers. However, in reality, most recent reviews love the way the products leave their skin moisturized and fresh.

They enjoy the approachable price and the fact that they don’t require more than two products to get the job done. They are a fan of the wash and moisturizers for the most part. The design is also given a high rating for being particularly cool and no nonsense looking.

Competitors and Alternatives

Men skincare products are increasingly being available all over the world and in a variety of brands, just like women focused products. Bulldog Skincare has a few competitors that folks may want to check out before ultimately deciding which to purchase. One of them is called Men’s Seasons. It is also meant to be simple, straightforward and useful for all types of skin in men.

Prices will vary and are available in American Dollars. They do however offer more promotions than Bulldog and may be a good choice for non-international buyers. The products are meant to take care of your skin throughout the four seasons.

Another alternative is called Thrive Natural Care. They boast of natural plants from famous Costa Rica to get the job done, and what job is this? The one where your skin is in its best state. It is meant to help out rural farmers as well, so you get a win win in both ends. You can look on their website to learn more about their plant based products and their humanitarian goal.

ManOrganic is another organic skincare alternative to Bulldog. With an extensive list of products for all your body and skin care needs, ManOrganic is said to be 100% organic, safe, and effective. They are also a big company and provide more offers and promotions than Bulldog. However, the price is also a bit more.

Where to Buy?

You should purchase all your Bulldog Skincare hygiene products on their official website for the best customer service and for a safe checkout. Third party websites also sell the products, and though prices may be lower (or higher for that matter), you should make sure they are a reliable source before purchasing.


Being a man and taking care of your skin are no longer seen as something weird or “un-maningly”. It is important to take skincare seriously while you are still able to for the best possible future. A healthy skin is a healthier body and more handsome look as well. Forget the superstitions and the stereotypes, it is time to take control of your skin and care for it like a real man should.

Buy a product that works for you, be it Bulldog or another of their competitors. The important thing is that you see and notice a difference after a few weeks of constant use. No product can guarantee you a miracle but slight improvements should be observable if the ingredients are actually effective and doing their job.

It is also wise to remember that each skin is different and not all products will work the same on each person. It is a bit of trial and error finding out which products work for you and which to avoid, but at the end, your skin will thank you for it by looking its absolute best 24/7.

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