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About is a website which offers their customers a new and improved approach to home building and remodeling by allowing homeowners to find the necessary supplies from providers and manufacturers all over. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of this company both worked in the home building and home improvement industry, and were frequently upset when they had to disappoint homeowners who couldn’t get the materials or products they needed or wanted, or could get them but at extremely delayed timelines, causing significant problems to their home renovations.

To solve this problem, was established as a single, online connection between homeowners, renovators, designers, and builders, and the people who provide them with the materials and products they need. offers categories customers can search through for their products, like Flooring, Decking, Building Materials, Outdoor, Kitchen & Bath, Moldings & Accessories, Doors, and more, as well as a series of tools which can help them determine what products or items they need for their projects.

In addition, this website says they go out of their way to provide customers not only with the physical products they need, but also with learning tools, information, and articles so they can make their best and most informed choices when making their purchases and investments. 

Cost/Price Plans

This website is free to search through, to look at their inventory, to use all their tools, and to research all the educational articles. When it is time to actually purchase products, there is an amazing range of prices depending on what you are purchasing and the volume in which you are purchasing it. 

That being said, says that because they offer companies and manufacturers the ability to enter such a huge buyers’ market at minimal cost, as well as completely cutting out the middle man of distributors and showrooms, the products you find on their website should be priced at up to 80% less than what you find at a traditional retailer.  

Refund Policy

Since this website provides such a wide variety of products from various companies, there are some different policies on their site you may need to follow. The basic Refund Policy, however, states that customers who have ordered in pallets and truckload qualities will have 30 days to return their orders for a full refund. 

The policy continues that the “product must be returned in its entirety and in the same condition as when it arrived at your site and it must not have been installed, removed and then returned.” Return delivery will be paid for by the company, and at no cost to you.

This policy is only applicable for customers in the United States and Canada, and only for regularly priced purchases, not for clearance items or custom made and special orders.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-631-2845 or by email at [email protected] 


In general it appears as though this website has positive reviews for the products and prices people are able to receive using their services. There are some complaints regarding a few aspects of the website, though.

For example, some customers complained that the reviews being posted on the site must be approved by, making it very difficult to post a negative review for a product or a provider, which means that you may not always be getting the best picture of a product’s quality or of a company’s service.

That being said, many customers who said they were unhappy with the quality of the product they purchased also said that when they complained to, they felt that the Customer Service team was very helpful and worked hard to resolve their issue or problem.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

The home design and remodeling industry is growing rapidly, with many different websites dedicated to helping you find ideas, materials, project designs, professionals who can help you, and much more, including websites like,,,,, Bath Fitter, and many others.  

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Walking Horse Plank Hardwood Flooring - Unfinished Long Length Plank

January2, 2019

Order Number: 3002902-
I ordered the Walnut from them shipping was fast, 2 weeks and material ready to pick up. (time of order said 4-5 weeks)
quality of the wood is ok, most are long plank which I was looking for the there are ton of notches and imperfection. unless you are looking for "rustic" look I recommend you take into account and order 20% extra.
Luckily for my I save all the imperfection for closet area and save all the good for mail area.
Their quality control need to be better and/ or better state the GRADE of wood so customer can make decision.
30 days returns is a joke.

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January 03, 2019

Hi Andy,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We're sorry to hear that the product didn't match your expectation. We're working to more clearly define the grade of our products on our website so this does not happen again.

A member of our team will follow up with you regarding your feedback.

Again, we appreciate hearing from you and look forward to chatting in more detail.


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just received my flooring

November5, 2017

i recently purchased 875 sq ft of laminate flooring from them. Right off the bat i had issues with the delivery but it seems more the fault of FEDEX than of BD. So far their customer service has been great but their product is garbage. I've installed tons of different kinds of wood and laminate flooring. Their flooring doesn't fit each. There were gaps all throughout the flooring in between the planks. you put one in , tap it to secure and the one before it would pop out. you don't even have to tap it you just put the next plank in and it still pops out. i will be returning the shipment on monday and was told by their customer service rep that they would give me the full refund so i hope they honor their policy or else this is going to be the beginning of a nightmare for them.

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September16, 2015

We purchased an iron door from BuildDirect in Aug of 2015. As I wanted to get as many specifics about the door as possible before placing my order with a company I had not worked with previously, I gave them a call and got a really nice guy on the phone who tried his best to answer my questions. I asked if all the necessary hardware to install the door (nuts, bolts, etc.) were included and he said absolutely. I asked if standard door hardware such as the latch and deadbolt could be used and he said "yes, the really great thing about these doors is that they are so easy to install and you can use any standard door hardware you want".

When the door showed up via freight we were very impressed with how it was packaged and protected. Everything looked great. Even though my wife and I own a company that renovates homes, we hired a company that specialized in iron door installations to install this new door and remove our existing front door. Once the install company took a look at the door when they were going to install it that's when the issues came to bear.

The door was one complete piece with the threshold welded onto the frame so there was no way to adjust the threshold to make it level with the ground. The mortising that was supposed to fit any standard hardware wasn't manufactured correctly so neither the latch nor the deadbolt pieces were able to sit flush. This caused the door to not be able to close (i.e. they were too shallow and the door hardware stuck out the sides). The strike side of the both the latch and deadbolt were in the wrong place causing the door not to close and seal properly. The deadbolt strike plate mortise had a piece of iron overlapping causing no strike plate to be able to be installed. The door also slightly touched the frame when closing and the top of the door, on the hinge side, had small piece of iron that wasn't even with the rest of the door, causing it to scrape the top of the frame every time it was opened and closed. Oh, and no hardware to install the door (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.), nor even an instruction manual or paperwork was provided with the door. Just the door itself in a big wooden pallet had arrived.

Unfortunately all of these issues only reared their heads after the door was removed from the pallet and/or installed (i.e. bolts drilled through our door frame, our drywall cut out to use the welded on mounting brackets, etc.). Luckily our install guys had bolts that fit but we had to make multiple Home Depot runs to get the rest of the hardware necessary to install the door.

I immediately called my sales rep at BuildDirect and since it was Saturday, he was not in the office. I did speak with another sales rep that said he couldn't answer anything because he wasn't familiar with the door. I explained that this was a pretty serious situation and requested he find someone else at the company who was familiar. After leaving me on hold for a while he came back and told me there was maybe one person who could try and help but he was on the phone and would have to call me back. I am still waiting for that phone call.

On Monday, after e-mailing my sales rep, I received a call back from my guy who couldn't understand why no one reached out to him over the weekend so he could step in. He said he spoke with his "category manager" and asked me to take as many photos of the issues as possible. I took 11 detailed photos and notated each one with a detailed description. That wasn't good enough and they asked me to take additional photos, suggesting the door wasn't level. I proved that both the frame and the door were perfectly level and installed correctly and that wasn't good enough. They asked for even more photos and I once again complied, this time taking a 6ft level and proving without a doubt that everything was perfectly installed.

It was obvious that neither the sales rep nor the category manager had any idea what this door looked like or how it was manufactured because I kept getting e-mail questions asking if I had removed the mounting brackets (impossible as they are welded onto the frame) or if I had drilled through the door (why on earth would I drill through the door when you use the mounting brackets to install it?).

Back and forth we went as they tried to somehow blame me for the problems. Finally they said they had found someone to come out and take a look. I received a call from a general handyman who admitted he had little to no experience with iron doors, nor could resolve any of the issues, but explained that he was asked to take pictures, assess the situation, and give them a price to repair it. I called BuildDirect and said that while I'm thrilled to have someone come out and take care of everything, the guy they chose couldn't possibly give them an accurate assessment as he was a general handyman, not a door specialist. I provided a few different names/numbers of people that worked for iron door companies here in town and my BD sales rep said he agreed that the handyman was probably not the right person. He said he would get with his category manager and call on a more qualified professional.

On Sept 9th and I received a call from the handyman asking if he can come by and take a look at the door. I told him I was under the impression that BuildDirect had cancelled with him in order to find an iron door specialist. In a huff he says "I was only doing this as a favor to them" and hung up. Again, I called my sales rep at BD and asked what was going on since I hadn't heard anything from them since last week when we spoke about them finding a more qualified specialist. I was told that they weren't going to look for anyone else, they never contacted any of the people I suggested to them, and never cancelled with the handyman. I said that it would have been nice to let me know so that I could have been ready for an appointment that, as far as I knew, was cancelled.

The handyman ended up rescheduling for the following day (Sept 10) and arrived 30 minutes earlier than his scheduled appointment with us. No problem, we were ready. We showed him the door and pointed out the various issues. He saw every one of them and informed us that BuildDirect is "very concerned about their online reputation". He also made sure to tell us before he left that "If it were me, I would expect them to provide a brand new door and pay for not only the installation but all of the finishing work required to make everything perfect". He even went as far as to point out that we would probably need a whole new door frame since the bolts to install this door had to be drilled into the frame.

On Sept 14th, after not hearing anything from BD, I contacted my sales rep again via e-mail and received a response saying "I e-mailed my category manger this morning. As soon as I hear something I'll let you know". Bear in mind that the handyman immediately reported back to BD from his truck outside my home, so they have been ignoring this situation since Sept 10th. It's now Sept 16th and I still have yet to hear from BD. It appears they are still ignoring the situation in the hopes it will go away. It will not.

Everything I explain to BD is twisted into somehow making the customer wrong and the bad guy, they don't listen to anything the customer is actually saying to them, and they make one excuse after another.

Having a nice new front door was supposed to be a wonderful change to our home. Instead we have had nothing but bad experiences with BuildDirect, are still working on all the finishing like the molding, etc. Luckily we were able to hire a welder was able to resolve some of the more serious issues so we can finally use the iron door we purchased. Additionally, we have had to order special door hardware in order to make everything fit properly, and spent yesterday creating a cement threshold extension so the massive trip hazard (i.e. the bottom of the door) is corrected.

The amount of time and stress involved in this process far outweighs any money we may have saved by ordering from BuildDirect. Most of what BuildDirect tells you isn't true because they aren't familiar with the products they sell, and if something arrives with bad manufacturing, they'll try to put the blame on you. Their prices might be amazing, but as we all eventually learn, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Stay far away from BuildDirect.

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September 17, 2015


Initially, I gave this company 1 star. Today I received an e-mail from the vice president of BuildDirect who stepped in, had already reviewed the entire situation so that I didn't have to start from scratch, listened, and took the time to really understand everything that had happened. He was so distressed by this situation that he not only offered to make the customer whole by providing a full refund for the door, but also to cover all of the additional costs we incurred.

Beyond that, and after he finishes taking care of everything for his customer, he promised to dive into the sales and management personnel involved in causing the situation to escalate to the point it did and implement immediate changes to ensure this doesn't happen to any other customer.

Though I wish it never went as far as it did, having a VP step in and do what he did, as well as show so much compassion for the customer, truly says that this company deserves a second chance. It's not very often that you find a company willing to go above and beyond for a customer and BuildDirect proved that to me today.

Based on only today's experience with the VP, BuildDirect would receive 5 stars without question, but I think it's important to understand that as of this moment, it took weeks of back and forth, as well as a lengthy online review posted across multiple websites, to rectify the issues. I truly hope that this never happens to anyone else and I do encourage others to give BuildDirect a try.

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