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Build With Ferguson, located at, is a company that states their goal is to help their customers with "Smarter Home Improvement" by offering a large selection of home goods, access to home improvement professionals, and other services.

How Does Work? functions in a variety of different ways.  Customers can use the website to search and purchase home improvement goods in many categories, like Bathroom, Kitchen, Lighting, Fans, Hardware, Appliances, Heating & Cooling, Tools, Outdoor, Flooring, and Sales.

Users can also find useful information on this website regarding popular Do It Yourself home improvement and remodeling projects.

Customers who have large scale projects or are frequently doing things around the house can sign up for their Rewards Program, which provides you with points for items purchased on their site.

The more points you earn, the more rewards you receive, such as free shipping options, discounts on future purchases, and much more.

Cost/Price Plans

Because this website provides such a large inventory and range of products, there is no way to quote a set price range for items you'll purchase at 

Refund Policy states that they will accept returns within 90 days of when the order was placed. There's no minimum value on returns, as long as returned items are in re-sellable condition, free from scratches and/or defects, has never been installed, and is in the original packaging with no writing or damage on the original packaging.

Clearance items are not eligible for return unless defective.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-375-3403 or by submitting them directly to the website.


Build With Ferguson does have some negative reviews from customers who say that their customer service team is not very helpful.

Most of these customers had experienced problems with the products they received or had to cancel their order for some reason, and reported having serious trouble getting assistance from Customer Service.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other local hardware and home goods stores, like Home Depot and Lowe's, that provide customers with items and tools they need, as well as other online sources, like

If you have any experience with or their products and services, please leave your reviews below.

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Don't use - dishonest
October 3, 2021
Falsely advertised as having product in stock. Continued to lie as to when it would ship out. I finally had to force them to refund or file a fraud report. Do not use this company or website.

Can't reach these people on the phone
August 20, 2021

wish I checked reviews before buying from this company! Customer Service or should I say getting them on the phone is a nightmare. They have no problem selling to you but if you need to do a return or check on return, you will be on hold forever!

On top of all my headache, they charged me for return label on a defective item and never advised me what my refund would be which was less than half of what I paid.

Don't Trust The Sales People
April 21, 2021
Spoke with a sales person regarding hardware needed by a specific date, and was told it was in stock, and would arrive as required. Later, when the order was late, I learned the hardware had not been available, there was never any chance it could have arrived on time, even though I was told it would. I will never buy from these people again. Sales and support at were useless in resolving this.

Build.con, I wish i had done some research before.
August 11, 2020
We were totally scammed. We purchased what we thought were the bath vanity faucet set and tub/shower set. When it arrived we received only the shells of the faucets without the valves. So we called service and told them we needed to return the order. She emailed a return label, we sealed the box it all came in, put the return label on it and sent it back. We thought it was all good. And then we only got a refund on the tub/shower set. When we called, we were informed that was just a return label for the one item. But what about the vanity faucet we sent back. “Oh, I am afraid you are just out of luck. There is just nothing to be done about that.” The vanity faucet is gone and we are out of $122. Look at the reviews on and you will find complaints like this over and over. And these are are just the ones who bother to complain. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” This is just one of the ways they are taking advantage of folks. Again listen to the many many complaints about Their reputation precedes them.

Impossible to communicate with them or get an order straight
July 29, 2020

Too long to write here but basically can't get a response to an order that was cancelled and refund never sent. Second charge on my acc't by them 7/15 - erroneous charge. Can't get anyone to respond even the owners.

Shame on this Company.

July 22, 2020

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! I thought I was ordering a mini freezer. The cost was $926 after taxes and fees, but to my dismay when i opened the package it was the frame for a freezer.

I was completely dissatisfied as the price and even the profile site suggested that I was purchasing a whole mini freezer. What completely has me irate is when i called to return the item they said I could not return it because this specific item does not take returns. I have no words to explain the dissatisfaction I have for this company and their return policy. Especially after spending close to a $1000 on a product that i was misleading into believing was a whole mini freezer and not just the frame for the freezer. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!

June 26, 2020

Mega run-around. It's too much to describe, but believe me, this company is to be avoided.

As others have stated, some of their customer service reps are untruthful. I accept blame for not reading their reviews before placing my order. It got to where every time I spoke with them, I was skeptical. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

On a positive note, a customer service rep named Travis tried to help, but the situation was too far gone before he got involved.

Custom builder with terrible experiences
June 18, 2020
I am a custom home builder and have ordered from three times, and all three times were terrible experiences. I will never use them again, and I would never recommend them to anyone. They lie about having items in stock to get your order, and then the real delivery dates are weeks away. The freight companies they use always have scheduling issues, and the items arrive damaged almost 50% of the time. They mix up shipping and billing addresses often as well, and their customer service is terrible. Often I have had to wait weeks to get an item they said was in stock, only to have it arrive damaged, and then have to wait weeks more for a replacement. As a professional contractor, this messes up scheduling and closings, costing me thousands of dollars. It’s simply not worth buying here. I can’t tell you enough how terrible this company is, and I strongly recommend buying locally or from a larger and more reputable place like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Anywhere is better than

JoyCarter June 26, 2020

Wish I had seen this before I ordered. They are untruthful and incompetent.

Horrible experience
May 19, 2020
I ordered cabinet hardware from in April. They sent the hardware out in 2 separate shipments. Received the first shipment of 4 cup/drawer pulls quickly and with no problems. For some reason, the second shipment coming from the SAME manufacturer/warehouse ended up being shipped to the wrong state and ended up sitting in a UPS warehouse. Called, talked with UPS - UPS supposedly couldn't make a change since it was sent to the wrong state. Was assured by rep they fixed the issue and was told to track the "new" shipment via the original tracking number. A week dragged on and the tracking number still showed the initial delivery still at the UPS location. Talked to a new rep at who canceled the old order and set up a "new" order. Several days later received an email from build that the items were on backorder. REALLY?!??! Talked to the same rep again who told me the items were in shipment. A week goes by and a new tracking number is finally emailed to me...and guess what? The package was sent to the incorrect state AGAIN. Called and talked to another rep (because for some reason you can't get the same person to help more than once even if you have their email address). He set up another reorder and supposedly "fixed" the problem with my address (still don't understand why the first package was able to be sent correctly, but whatever). He set up "expedited shipping". 5 days later received an email that the label was being created. WOW! So much for expedited shipping. A couple of days after that, I received a new tracking number which guess what? Righto, the package was shipped (FOR A THIRD TIME) to the incorrect state. Here we are Mid May and my order from April has not been received because of incompetency. Today I cancelled the entire order and am supposed to be getting a full refund. I'll believe it's true only when the refund hits my credit card. Their prices are great, but if you can't get your product, it doesn't really matter. Ordered from Loews instead and am sure I will receive it next week. Surprised they are still in business.

Return policy is deceiving
March 20, 2020
I purchased an ice maker after reviewing's returns policy. I took the ice maker out of the box realized it was the wrong wiring and replaced it in the box. Assumed returns would be straight forward. qualifies an ice maker attachment for a freezer as an appliance thereby having it fall under the Kitchenaid no return policy. Kitchenaid website itself has the ice maker replacement listed as a part. I was told by Kathryn Kapla in the office of the president that parts were appliances and I was using semantics and a return would not be possible. I have attached their return policy below. You'l notice nowhere under general returns does it mention Kitchenaid. It is listed under their appliance policy but I contend "appliance" does not extend to replacement parts unless specifically stated. General Returns You may initiate a return for an item(s) within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Returns requested between 31 - 60 days after receipt will only qualify for store credit. Returns outside of our 30 to 60 day General Return policy will not be accepted. Refunds will be applied to your account (minus return shipping) once the item has been received and inspected through our warehouse. To qualify for a general return, the item(s): Must be in resalable condition Must be free from scratches and/or defects Must not have been installed Must be in the original manufacturer’s box and packaging Must not have any writing on the original packaging Must not be missing pieces Must not be clearance/liquidations/closeout Must not be furniture or paint Restocking Fees: In most cases, restocking fees may not apply. However, Tile, Appliances, and Flooring returns are subject to restocking fees. See returns policy for: Paint Tile

very poor service and attitude
September 30, 2019
candace was super rude on chat and I was on hold forever:(….would not recommend....3rd bad experience with them on the same order.

Pathetic Service and Support
September 2, 2019

When calling for support on a built in ice maker, the sales people did not bother telling me I would need to buy an additional drain pump for almost $400. Also, when trying to get help with the poor installation guid and guidance, I was informed by an assistant to the president of the company ... and I quote " We do retail sales, we are not here to help the customer".

A gross understatement.

This company is as close to worthless as I have ever seen when it comes to good quality customer service.

Avoid the two companies... and compact ... these are the same companies.

I will tell everyone I know not to buy from these pirates.

Horrible return process
April 4, 2019
Horrible return process. Very's almost as if the return process is designed to thwart the user. Never again

Scam artists
March 28, 2019

I bought a wine cooler that started leaking and making noise a few hours afte I plugged it in. I requested a return authorization and received an email a few days later that I need to contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot. The number they supplied is a non working number.

I called my creidt card company and I am not paying for the fridge, BUT I have a refrigerator sitting in the middle of my small apartment.


January 25, 2019

As a general contractor, the firs experiences were very pleasant. Had a personal rep I was working with. Then a client did not like some of the items ordered. A couple of months later, the items were returned and i paid the re-stocking fee and shipping. One item that didn't belong with the returns was sent back inadvertently. All the items returned show delivered on their own tracking system,. About $500.00 in total. After a month, i get a BS answer back from the pro rep. You read it for yourself. I will not do business with them anymore and suggest that you proceed with caution!!

"Sorry ive missed your calls. So a few things bud. I know you have been CCing me on prospective clients. At first, I thought this was a good idea, I would take the time to respond and have calls with. After the 10th one that did not result in any new business, I can no longer take the time to do that.

As far as the returns go and the items being sent back that were not build products, We can not issue any refunds because we never got the respected items back. We have a very good process set up for returns and issuing refunds and credit."

Shipping was a nightmare
September 15, 2018
They used a shipper that doesn't ship residential. What? After my shipment sat at their warehouse for a week, I found out that they were going to hire a subcontracted shipper to deliver it. After getting no firm delivery date, I had to go get it myself. Just goes to show the best price isn't the best deal! Should have paid more and bought it locally.

Disappointed with
September 6, 2018
We have ordered thousands of dollars worth of product without an issue until recently we ordered a toilet. It arrived broken in transit and it was reordered, they stated they would ship by FedEx as delivery by UPS has resulted in more damaged products in the past. The second toilet arrived broken, it too was shipped UPS and were just informed that as we elected for to replace the first toilet we gave up the refund option. They state they will keep replace damaged ones until a non-damaged one arrives. How does that make sense, we have to keep the broken toilets for a minimum of 30 days in case UPS want to inspect the now 2 broken toilets and shipping packages grace my garage and the car is parked outside ---- Not what I expect from

Builders beware
May 23, 2018
We have ordered from this Co. for years. I recently tried to place an order and because I am a builder, they force you to wait on hold for the last person that you ordered from. If they are not available you need to leave a message. Further, I had to call 13 times to place my last order, and pretend that I was not a professional. The item is out of stock but they took the order anyway. I called today to inquire as I received a partial order and they did not pick up for 23 minutes. However, if you “CHAT”, and pretend that you are not a professional, they pick up right away. No way to do business with repeat customers. I will never, ever order from here or refer anyone, to, again.

January 11, 2018

I purchased a Kohler bathtub along with its overflow bath drain. Delivery was set for a specified date and time range. Driver of freight delivery called in 2 hours EARLIER than the arranged time appointment and never came back to make the delivery. I waited all day expecting another attempt for freight to be delivered on the time slot promised. I was on the phone all day with representatives from both and from their freight delivery partner, A. Duie Pyle, trying to find out the delivery status only to be told AT THE END OF THE DAY that a delivery needs to be rescheduled. I made several complaints including one to the Office of the President at that proudly claims in their website,"My employees are empowered to handle anything to ensure every customer's satisfaction.” This is a supposed quote from the former president, Mr.Friedland, that is now a borrowed "copy and paste" cheap quote for the current president, Mr. Wheeler.

On the rescheduled delivery, one of the packages came all destroyed (box all opened and squashed with pieces of the merchandise all over the loading truck). I sent another follow up email with picture to the Office of President only to be met with the same apologies and promises to bring this issue up to the appropriate parties. There seems to be a lack of value and acknowledgement of customer’s time. The absence of any kind of compensation offered for time lost and lack of service in delivering product and packaging in good shape clearly speak volumes to negligence and affront to customer service.

UPDATE from Nov. 3rd review
December 3, 2017

As of today Dec.3.We still have not received are refund from build .com.It has been over a month and two more phone calls later.This company is the absolute worst retailer we have ever dealt with in terms of taking care of their customers.We cannot emphasize enough.Stay away from this company and its website.One huge headache.Buyers Beware