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About BuddySchool

BuddySchool, found online at BuddySchool.com, says their goal is give people a place to "learn, teach, meet people, and exchange views" from all over the world using their online tutoring platform. 

How Does It Work?

Users must register for an account. This is described as taking less than one minute and is completely free. Once you have completed registration, you can find a tutor for your desired subject through their website. 

Once you have found a tutor you would like to work with, you can check their calendar, click on a green "open" day, and then Schedule a Lesson. If it is the first time you are meeting with that tutor, you can schedule a short free session with that tutor to "get to know them better," though not all tutors offer this option.

Payments will be arranged by your tutor via instructions that will be emailed to you, though BuddySchool says that they will keep track of all payments being successfully submitted. 

Cost/Price Plans

Registering at BuddySchool is free, but the rates for tutors will vary depending on what subject they are teaching, the time required for the lesson, the years of experience they have, and other variables. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately BuddySchool does not have any published or detailed information regarding Refunds or Guarantee Policies. The closest thing they offer on their website is a statement saying that if a tutor is late to a session, you can cancel it and you will not be responsible for payment of that lesson. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently the only way for customers to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by submitting them directly to their website using their Contact Us link.


Unfortunately there are not many user reviews available for BuddySchool at this time. Most reviews which have been published are in response to whether or not this is a good website for tutors who are looking for new students, and with more than 90,000 users all over the world the general consensus is positive. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites that offer the ability to connect teachers with students and vice versa, including SmartThinking, Wyzant.com, TakeLessons, and many more.   
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your BuddySchool reviews below.

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January 4, 2016

Dianay from Buddyschool.com was scheduled for a lesson, I waited and she was a no show. She played the scheduling game..was a no show..took the fee, This is a scam and here is her unprofessional feedback to my feedback..do you really want to deal with this:

Her feedback was: Thank you for booking my lesson. However,I don't know you are so that you didn't really want to learn,and book my lesson. Are you crazy? I waited for you on skype for more than 30 minutes you didn't reply to me. Even though you booked my lesson. if you don't want to learn just cancel the lesson why not?

She missed the scheduled lesson and after I posted the feedback, she came up with this idea of a different class time.

Then got harassing Skype messages as well...STAY AWAY FROM HER AND BUDDYSCHOOL.COM

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