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Bubblews.com is a new type of content sharing website which says that people should break out of the traditional social media mold and move toward a new and better form of content sharing.

According to their website, traditional social media sites have created a network where people are sharing content they have created - articles, videos, audio files - and allowing people to have access to it completely for free.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There are websites, like Squidoo and RedGage.com, that offer people money for their content. Bubblews.com also offers users money for their content, using a new, patent pending system.

This system is one that enables all users to use the site and be a part of the site completely for free while sharing in their ad revenue. This model is simple: the revenue made off of each post is split with the author 50/50.

Creating an account and personalized profile is completely free and takes "less than 60 seconds." Once your account is created, you can begin submitting content related to more than fifteen different categories, including Art, Articles, Beauty, Business, Crime, Entertainment, Gaming, and much more.

Once your content is submitted, your post becomes a Bubblew on their website that the whole world will have access to. This Bubblew will grow or shrink based on the number of people who like or dislike your post, but all your submissions will always be viewable on your personal profile.

The website says that the authors are paid for every view, comment, like, dislike, and social media share that is received by your posts. Users can withdraw their money once they have hit the minimum payout level of $50.

Users who are interested in the types of complaints, or who would like payment proof to ensure this revenue sharing model is legit, can log on to their site and look at their user forums to see these topics being discussed.

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