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About Brooklyn Bedding

Looking for a better sleep experience? There are hundreds of mattress and bedding companies out there, but it can be tough to know whether you are getting a good deal. Consider our review of Brooklyn Bedding to help you get a better night’s sleep.

What is Brooklyn Bedding?

Brooklyn Bedding was founded by John and Rob Merwin, two self-proclaimed “mattress-whisperers” in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally an Amazon-based company selling mattresses only, the company is named after John’s daughter, Brooklyn.  Today, the company sells mattresses and other products, manufacturing many private label mattress brands as well as their own wholesale products.

The company has a whole range of products. One of the most popular is the Brooklyn Signature, a patented product that offers premium sleep at a factory-direct price. The Brooklyn Aurora is a slightly more expensive product, offering advanced cooling technology. The Spartan offers active recovery through the use of registered Nanobionic technology.

Among a range of other mattresses for sale, Brooklyn Bedding is also home to a number of sleep accessories. For example, the company sells Talalay Latex Pillows, offering a superior sleep experience, as well as customized shredded foam and cooling pillows. They even sell twill and brushed microfiber sheets. You can even get platforms, foundations, and mattress protectors from Brooklyn Bedding, making them a one-stop shop for all of your sleep-related needs.

How Does it Work?

Brooklyn Bedding has so many products to choose from that you can find the right mattress for your needs regardless of how specified they may be. For example, the Spartan mattress (along with almost all other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses) has three levels of firm settings, allowing you to determine the level of support you need at that given moment.

These mattresses help you to reset more quickly by harnessing your body’s natural energy. It also contains specialized foam top layers to help target certain pressure points while providing extensive comfort. There truly is something for everyone at Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding owns all of its own factories. Therefore, they have ultimate control over the materials, costs, and assemblies. This allows them to deliver a superior product at a lower price point than most other companies in the industry. These products are made out of the safest materials in the mattress industry, utilizing toxin-free materials and meeting the highest health standards.

The company has free shipping and returns, and also offers a 120-night trial. This trial is designed to allow you to experience a mattress for 120 nights with free shipping on delivery, exchanges, and returns. The company also keeps sleep experts on staff so that you can get the answers to your biggest questions before making the decision to invest in one of their products.

Cost and Price Plans

Brooklyn Bedding’s products are offered at a wide range of price points to suit any consumer’s budget or stylistic needs. The Brooklyn Signature is one of the best value products, starting at just $479. Bed bases start around $100, with most accessories also hovering within that price range. Brooklyn Bedding’s prices vary widely, making them a convenient option for a consumer at any price point.

Customer Service

Brooklyn Bedding has some of the best customer service in the industry. They will work with you to modify your existing mattress, as well as to ensure you have the best frame and support for your mattress. They refund your money in full if you can’t find the best solution, and offer support throughout most hours of the day at [email protected] and 888-210-8751.

Every product also comes with a ten-year warranty. All products come with free FedEx ground shipping, too.

Brooklyn Bedding has been recognized for its commitment to providing quality sleep to young people, too. The company partners with multiple charitable organizations. For example, Brooklyn Bedding provides necessary sleep products to those living in transitional housing, as well as in foster homes. By partnering with local agencies, this company works to improve the sleep of children in need everywhere.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There is little to find fault in regarding Brooklyn Bedding, and most customers remain customers for life. Because all accessories can be returned for a full refund within 30 days from delivery, there is plenty of room for customer satisfaction with this company.

In fact, there are very few complaints about this product. Most customers report great satisfaction with their mattresses and other products, with a few a bit disappointed that the mattresses didn’t work to relieve sleep-related pain and issues immediately. However, consumers rave about the product’s durability and customer service.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, Brooklyn Bedding isn’t the only mattress company you should consider if you’re looking for a high-quality new bedding system. Many consumers consider the Aurora vs Signature style that Brooklyn Bedding offers. The Aurora is another option offered by Brooklyn Bedding, but has vast differences when compared to the Signature.

Aurora is a more expensive option, but it offers more cooling options. The Aurora provides a cool sleeping surface and has a more hybrid construction. This mattress also has reinforced coils around the perimeter. However, the Signature is slightly more affordable. Since both mattresses are sold by Brooklyn Bedding, both come with the great construction and customer service for which the company is known.

Others might consider Brooklyn Bedding vs. Ghostbed. Ghostbed is manufactured by Nature’s Sleep and combines both latex and memory foam materials. Slightly more affordable than Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed offers products that are of equally high value, but they don’t tend to last quite as long as those offered by Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Purple is another common consideration. Purple mattresses are made out of lightweight polymer that are said to reduce joint and pressure point pain. They are less firm than the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, but the Purple mattresses are not ideal unless you are a side sleeper.

Finally, in your search for the perfect mattress you may consider Brooklyn Bedding vs. Tuft and Needle. Tuft and Needle mattresses are slightly more affordable than Brooklyn Bedding’s, and are also a good option if you tend to overheat while you are sleeping. However, they aren’t quite as durable and they only offer sleepers one firmness option.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Brooklyn Bedding from a variety of retailers. Most notably, of course, you can purchase these mattresses direct from the manufacturer. This will allow you to experience all of the customer service and free shipping benefits offered by the company. You can also purchase these mattresses and sleep accessories from retailers like Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more.

Is Brooklyn Bedding Worth It?

If you’re looking for a mattress, pillow, or other accessory that will provide you with a great night’s sleep, look no further than Brooklyn Bedding. This company offers a range of products that are customized to meet your individual sleep needs and preferences, and with free shipping, extensive warranties, and excellent customer service, what’s not to love?

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