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April28, 2018

The last 2 reviews in our opinion are absolutely correct.
The company makes out to be a big fish with unlimited experience and knowledge.

Based on the file received from British Voice we as a production company find it not suitable after two retakes.
We asked for a refund. Tanya Barlett refused therefore are currently seeking other ways in getting our money back through the legal channel.

Total Rubbish.

Xxxxxx Production company.


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Poor quality and Rude.

May30, 2017

Hated the finished product. The voice over refused point blank to re do the work we requested. Speaks well over the phone but a snake when asked for re takes and her work was of poor quality compared to most. X

Avoid this company!!!!!

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April 24, 2018

In total agreement.

April 24, 2018

My English not good. But the review from Cliff very right.
Not spoke to me good because I ask for my company to do voice work. Find company.

Tanya from this this company not nice and late with reply always. I find better voice over and happy with them.


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