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About Brick Buy Brick

Brick Buy Brick is a new real estate strategy and investment seminar which says their goal is to teach prospective real estate investors of all levels the best strategies to make money on real estate in any economy. 

How Does It Work?

The website isn’t fully detailed about the type of approach they take toward real estate investment, instead providing a vague description of their overall goal, which is to teach people “how to build real estate businesses that produce a positive cash flow through education, hard work, commitment, and focus.”

However, they do say that real estate investment has consistently been one of the best wealth creation tools throughout history, and their two hour workshop is focused on explaining to people the available strategies of investment which are available to them, while at the same time avoiding the most common real estate investment problems. 

Specifically, the website does say that people who attend their seminar will learn a few key pieces of information: why there has never been a better time to invest in real estate, investment strategies which will work in any economy, how to get started using other people's money, strategies for starting small and creating  positive cash flow, and more.

The workshop schedule will change, and these seminars will not be available throughout the country all at one time. Interested parties are always invited to check their website to see when they may be providing a seminar near them. 

Cost/Price Plans

Registering for and attending the Brick Buy Brick seminar events are completely free at this time. The website does say that during their seminars, you will be offered additional products and services of varying prices, but people who attend their seminars are never under any obligation to buy.   

Refund Policy

Since registration and attendance is free, there is no information available on their website about Refund Policies. People who actually attend their events and choose to purchase any products or invest in future workshops will need to speak with Brick Buy Brick representatives about potential for cancellations or refunds at that time, and depending on the level of money you are spending or investment you are making, customers may do well to request a policy that is in writing.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Unfortunately the website does not provide any information for you to contact them directly. Instead, customers are invited to submit their personal contact information to the website and have a representative contact them. 


Brick Buy Brick appears to be associated with other organizations, like Rich Dad Education and Tigrent Learning, both of which have previously been criticized for offering free learning seminars and then convincing people to make large scale purchases which then cannot be refunded or cancelled and which have resulted in many unhappy customers.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many different companies, organizations, and people who are willing to teach people various strategies and approaches to real estate investment, including Real Estate Mentoring, Strategic Real Estate Coach, Joe Crump Real Estate, and many more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Brick Buy Brick reviews below.

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