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About Brazil Butt Lift

The Brazil Butt Lift is a new workout program from fitness company Beachbody and trainer Leandro Carvalho which promises to get you the "supermodel sexy booty" you've always wanted in just 60 days.

According to their website, the butt is made up of three different muscles, not all of which are worked during traditional workout moves. The Brazil Butt Lift says it helps you hit all three critical muscles with exercises from ballet, capoeira, and Afro-Brazilian dance.

How Does It Work?

This program includes six different workouts, from the Basics, to sculpting moves, moves that will heighten your butt, an all over tightening and toning workout, a cardio routine, and a routine called the "Tummy Tuck."

It also includes five tools which help you determine your butt type and the best workouts for you, a workout calendar, a fat-burning food guide, training workout cards, and a tape measure with a measurement tracker card.

Cost/Price Plans

The cost of this program is three payments of $19.95 plus a Shipping and Handling cost of $12.95.

Mobile Options

Not applicable.

Refund Policy

Traditionally Beachbody fitness programs have a 30 day money back guarantee, but the Brazil Butt Lift website says that they have extended their money back guarantee to a full 60 days.

This means that customers can go through almost the entire program and begin to see their results before they determine whether or not they want to return their entire workout package for a refund of the purchase price, less the cost of Shipping and Handling. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Consumers with questions can contact them directly at the phone number (800) 998-1681 or by submitting a question directly to their website or by speaking to a representative through their live chat option.


While the Brazil Butt Lift workout generally has a very good reputation for the results customers see at the end of the program, there are some complaints that occur more frequently. The one that customers may want to consider is that many older clients - in their 50s and 60s - said this was not an appropriate workout for people with knee issues or those who are older.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding the safety of their services.

Competitors and Alternatives?

The Beachbody company itself offers a wide range of alternative workout programs like the Insanity 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program, Focus T25, P90X3, and Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer, among others.
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