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The Brain Protection Kit is a series of reports issued by Dr. Russell Blaylock through online publisher Newsmax that promises to help you find effective and natural ways to prevent degenerative brain conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

According to Dr. Blaylock, who is a retired neurosurgeon, everyone over 40 should be concerned about these diseases and doing whatever they can to prevent them, since they develop over decades.

Dr. Blaylock goes on to say that degenerative brain conditions are caused by specific lifestyle choices – such as dietary deficiencies and a lack of or too much exercise – as well as environmental toxins that we unfortunately encounter everyday.

Young people have antioxidant defenses that protect against the free radicals that our body produces in response to these choices and toxins, but as we age these defenses become weaker.

Published by Newsmax, the publisher of other online newsletters like the Heart Disease & Prevention Kit as well as the Aftershock Survival Guide, the Blaylock Wellness Report says that conventional medicine is only concerned with treating symptoms of diseases.

He says many people forget that medicine is a money making industry and that treating symptoms is more profitable than curing or preventing diseases.

Dr. Blaylock, on the other hand, says he wants to treat the root causes of these illnesses so that they can be prevented. His reports include tips like how to use 5 easily available supplements to get relieve your system from toxins.

If you are interested, you can receive his Brain Protection Kit for free when you sign up for a subscription to his newsletter. This subscription lasts for 12 months and only costs $54, and also gives you access to 95 past issues of his reports that cover other important topics in health and wellness.

If you have any experience with this kit or reports, please leave your Brain Protection Kit reviews below.

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