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The Brain Health & Memory Kit, offered by Barton Publishing, is a series of books that claim to tell you how you can use simple and natural remedies to prevent a disease called Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a disease which causes the breakdown of your brain and brain functioning, most commonly known for its extreme impact on memory deterioration, with some patients suffering this deterioration so severely they can no longer remember members of their family, or even who they are.

At the Brain Health Kit website, you will find a free, detailed presentation which lays out the risk the average American has of suffering from Alzheimer’s and says that it will show you methods of improving your memory and preventing this disease with natural remedies.

According to the presentation, 1 in 8 Americans aged 65 and older have Alzheimer’s, nearly half of people aged 85 and older have it, and more than 200,000 people under 65 have early onset Alzheimer's.

The rise in Alzheimer’s is due to Americans living longer than ever, because of advances in medication. Unfortunately, there is currently no known medical treatment that will cure or slow down Alzheimer’s, according to the Brain Health Kit. The best method of treatment, therefore, is prevention.

Barton Publishing says they specialize in working with doctors and researchers to find powerful, natural remedies to preventable problems. The Brain Health & Memory Kit will give you examples of foods to eat, foods to avoid, and daily lifestyle changes you can make to better your odds of avoiding developing this terrible and incurable disease.

The video presentation which describes some of the things you will learn from this kit is extremely long, and unfortunately there is no option to purchase the product until the end of the video or if you choose to navigate away from the page. At that time you will be given an option to purchase.

You can download this kit for just a $2.97 processing fee, and will be charged the remaining $17 charge after 21 days, if you choose to keep the product and not return it, according to their sales page.

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