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About Brain Chase

Brain Chase is a new and exciting approach to summer educational programs which give both parents and students a chance to not only have a fun learning experience over the summer but also a chance to win a scholarship. 

How Does It Work?

Heather and Allan Staker were parents who just wanted to provide their kids and neighborhood children with a way to have fun learning over summer break, so they wouldn’t lose valuable learning time over the summer months. So they committed a learning program which focuses on the adventures of Mae Merriweather and her friends. 

To participate in their adventures, students will watch an animated video each Monday morning of the challenge which documents the quest of Mae and her friends. Participants are then given a variety of math, reading, writing, and even foreign language assignments to complete throughout the following week. 

Once they’ve completed their work, they will unlock their access to the next video available on the following Monday morning, and this process repeats each week. These videos will include hidden clues that pinpoint the location of a real treasure. Parents and students are encouraged to work together to determine the location of the prize.

Once each 24 hours, your student will be allowed to guess the location of the prize. The first students who guesses the correct location within a two mile radius will win a chance to fly to the location and locate the prize. The winning student will be given a $10,000 scholarship.    

Cost/Price Plans

In 2015, the Brain Chase 5 Week Summer Learning Program was priced at $199 per student, and $100 for each additional sibling. This included the full five weeks of learning on external reading and math sites, weekly writing exercises with feedback, weekly language assignments, weekly progress reports emailed parents, access to original animated adventure series with hidden puzzles and clues, three adventure tools mailed separately throughout the course, and participation in the treasure hunt which can result in the $10,000 scholarship. 

For an addition $50, or $249 total, parents can choose the Premium Package which includes all the features of the regular package, as well as their adventurer backpack, a T-shirt, and the Sunstone of Cortes patch, or whatever the final treasure product is called during a particular year.

Refund Policy

The website says that they do offer a specific time period in which their customers are welcome to cancel their membership and request a refund. This date will vary depending on the start date of each year’s adventure, but they do make sure that it is prominently displayed on their website so parents understand by what date they must cancel if they are hoping to secure a refund. 

It appears from the 2015 schedule that students and parents will be given a full seven days from the first date their learning materials are available to cancel their enrollment.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so through your Brain Chase account or by email at [email protected]


Brain Chase appears to be celebrated widely by parents and students, and has received a lot of positive attention from major publications like The New York Times for their innovative approach to learning over summer break.

The one warning that appears to be repeated by many different former customers is that Brain Chase is just entering its second season, and their growing popularity is sure to increase the number of participants and decrease a student’s chance to win the scholarship. 

But the main goal of the program is ultimately to make learning fun, and promote continuous learning throughout summer vacation, and there is no doubt that it does this successfully.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other summer learning camps and programs which take different approaches to learning and skill expansion, and which can vary widely in their costs and expenses. Parents will want to look for programs in their area, for their child’s age group, and which works on the skills they need.   

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Brain Chase reviews below.

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