Boom Cosmetics Reviews

Boom by Cindy Joseph is a cosmetics line that describes themselves as the first pro-age cosmetic line for women of every generation.

How Does Boom Cosmetics Work?

According to their website, Cindy Joseph is a make-up artist turned super model who has created a line of cosmetics especially for women who want to revel their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach.

The Boom website says that most cosmetic companies are “anti-age, anti-wrinkle, anti-us”, and that they encourage women to try and hide their age and promote negative concepts of aging. 

Cindy Joseph says that these beliefs are unhealthy and the reality is that women of all ages want, and deserve, to be seen, noticed, flirted with, and valued, and that there is no reason to believe that as women age, they lose beauty and value.

The goal of Boom by Cindy Joseph is to give them the cosmetic products specially formulated for their skin and their needs, so they can continue looking beautiful and letting their real selves shine through. 

Ingredients and Side Effects

This website provides their customers with the ability to find the ingredients of each of their products by clicking the Ingredients link that is available on each individual product page.

Using this link, customers will be able to see if a product includes any ingredients to which they have known allergies or sensitivities before you purchase the product. 

Cost/Price Plans

This company sells such a wide variety of products at this time that the prices will depend on which specific product you are looking for.

The prices will be clearly displayed on their website, and may change throughout the year depending on sales and promotions which may take place, or the addition of new products to their inventory.    

Refund Policy

This website says that they are proud to stand behind their products and if their customers are unhappy for any reason then they would like to hear from you.

Please send an email to their Customer Service team or use their Live Chat feature on their website to arrange your return. Their website says that refunds will be issued, less the cost of shipping. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 929-266-2100, by email at [email protected], or by using the website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available. 


First, this company has so many different products that customers would be best served by looking for reviews for the specific product they are considering purchasing. 

It does seem that this company has a positive reputation for the quality of their products at this time, but since this company doesn’t really provide a clear and easy-to-understand Refund Policy, customers may want to contact their Customer Service team before making a purchase to get more information.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

Actually, there are many different brands of makeup and skincare available these days that are aimed at the needs of women that are older so customers who are trying to find alternatives to Cindy Joseph’s products will have other options which may better meet their needs.    

If you have any experience with Boom by Cindy Joseph or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Boom Cosmetics Customer Reviews

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Bad visible results
December 10, 2022
I recently got the Boom Nectar serum and Boom Gold oil. I will say right off...the "Nectar" serum does NOT smell like nectar or anything remotely like it. To me it smells like a mixture of bacon and sausage grease and my little dog seems to think so also and wants to smell my face! Overall...not impressed by either of these products, haven't seem much results for the price. I only ordered and tried them because they were recommended by a lady I watch...she is in her 80s and looks great but I don't think this was accomplished by these products. She also referenced how "wonderful" the nectar serum smelled so we greatly differ on that opinion. My other issue is there is no security packaging or seals on these products...the serum was just a loose glass bottle in the shipping box...didn't even have a pump guard on the neck of the bottle.

Mascara problem
October 12, 2022
I love my color trio. Recently got mascara. Not happy with it as its ‘ clumpy’ and messy with fibers.