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About is the online home of BookScouter, a company who says that their goal is to help you sell your used textbooks and books of other sorts for the best possible price that can be found online.

According to their website, there are many, many different websites online that offer money in exchange for used books. The prices that these websites offer for books can vary widely due to a variety of factors, but sometimes the differences in these prices can be extremely steep.

If someone were looking to sell a book for the best possible price and wanted to look at all the different possible websites manually, it would take them a lot of time and effort to figure out the price offered by each individual site, with the worst part being that by the time their search was done, some of the sites may have altered their prices. says they want to help people sell their used books at the highest possible price without all the hassle. All you have to do is locate your books ISBN number and enter it into their online search engine.

They will then search for and compare offers from over forty different book buying websites so that you can instantly find the site that will pay you the most for your book. In addition, this service is completely free and requires no official registration.

Sometimes a book’s ISBN number will be difficult to find, but all books published since the early 1970s should have this identifying number located either above or below the barcode published on the cover or jacket of your book.

Books published before this time period may not have ISBN numbers. In these instances, you should go to the website and follow their guidelines for selling books without ISBN numbers.

BookScouter also offers a mobile app for iOS products as well as Android. Their Android application even currently supports a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner which will also help you easily find sellers for your exact books.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your reviews below. 

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something fishy

July9, 2017

i am very unhappy. i have never heard of a programmer that cannot tell you about compatible hardware. perhaps if they decide to do this I will remove my review. why do they want to push this 300.00 scanner???? bullsh#@

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