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BookMooch is a company that provides book lovers with a place to trade their unwanted books for books they haven’t read with other members of BookMooch around the country.

According to their website, people who are passionate about books usually feel that it is very difficult to throw a book away, even if you know you will never read it again. Most people would rather find a new home for the book with someone who will appreciate it. This is why companies like BookMooch and PaperbackSwap were started.

In addition, BookMooch says that they help keep older books in circulation, by finding new readers for them. And members who are not really interested in getting these free books can donate their books and points to charities.

Each time you give a book to a BookMooch user, you will earn a point. These points are what you can use to get any book you would like from other BookMooch members. Once you are finished with the book you have received, you can choose to keep it or to put it back into circulation using BookMooch.

There is no cost to join the website; you can sign up as a member completely for free. The only money you will put into the BookMooch system is what you pay when mailing books to other members. The only real rule is that you must give away at least one book for every two books you receive.

You can also keep a book wish list on the site. Books which you put on your wish list will automatically be sent to you when you have the available points and when that specific book becomes available in their catalog.

Users also get a Feedback score. Each time you receive a book, you can leave Feedback for the sender, much like eBay. Users with high Feedback scores are much more likely to receive books when they want them. Also, if you have any problems or complaints with the product you receive from a certain sender, this would be the place to relay that information.

If you have any experience with the BookMooch exchange community, please leave your reviews below.

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Don't Expect Greatness for No Price
July 22, 2020

The only issue I had with BookMooch is some of the users want display-quality books for FREE.

Heck, if you want that, you need to PAY for that quality (and giving someone a single point ISN'T paying for product).

When I first joined, I thought I was joining a group of people who simply loved the joy of reading, not a group of people with messed-up priorities that would complain if you sent them a book that was in subpar physical condition.

The 3rd or 4th mailed-out book resulted in a complaint. The person hadn't offered me extra points for 'like new' condition, yet complained that the book was in 'worn' condition.

The book was very readable and the inside was definitely clean. The outside was messed up from rough handling.

Dude, the book is over 20 years old! What do you expect? You're not PAYING for the product.

Anyway, so after that, I went to my profile and explicitly stated that the books I offer are for peruse. Expect the quality to not be of show material (or something like that).

I did take a few weeks off BookMooch because of that. It really disheartened me how selfish people are, wanting something for nothing ~and expecting others to pay the price for it.

It also got me wondering if people ~this one in particular~ were using BM to get free books to resell for a high profit. The book I was offering, and subsequently mailed to the whiner, would have cost a bit had it been in great condition, not just in original cost but also shipping. The book was quite heavy. (I know this because I look up every book on eBay ~seeing what they sold for, not what they were originally listed for~ before deciding if I should give it away or try to make a profit off it)

Now it seems like I'd be one to NOT recommend BM, considering I started off with a diatribe. Contrary to your first impression, I absolutely recommend BM . . . . but only for the serious reader or a person buying a book as a gift to a serious reader. Serious readers won't care about the condition of the book as long as it's legible.

If you want a book in superb condition, support your local bookstore and buy it there. Or go to the many online selling sites where condition comment is necessary to list a book. Whatever you do, don't mooch off me, QuakerMaid. You'll be sorely disappointed.

BTW, I've received over 40 books and all transactions went well. I never had a bad experience.

Very active book exchange community
May 2, 2017
I'm on paperbackswap as well, and I've found bookmooch to be much more active and less picky about the condition of books(as long as you put a condition note) than paperbackswap. It's also free. I've had no problems from other members or the company itself.

Rude Bullies
May 11, 2014
I attempted to join and logged onto my account to add books only to find my account closed. So I emailed and they responded saying I had an account in bad standing- which I don't. So I attempted to tell them I just moved here which they responded to by telling me I have the same IP address as the account in question. I don't know how IP addresses work so I just simply tried telling them again that I just moved here. They then responded with the treat to sue me for mail fraud to which I responded with a simple "thank god you didn't accept me for your website because I wouldnt want to be treated like this as a user of your services and you wont be hearing from me again". They then emailed me again, that email I ignored, when I didn't respond they emailed me yet again. I asked them not to harass me as I had dropped the subject and I commenced to blocking their email address so they couldnt continue to harass me. I even went as far as to email usps customer service to tell them of the experience (just in case they are doing this to other people - bookmooch cant't go around using the post office as a threat to innocent people). If you want to be treated rudely, with no respect, and be bullied then go ahead and use bookmooch. But if you want to be treated with basic dignity like your a human being then Id suggest staying away.