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About is a website that claims to be a trusted name in book buyback services since they were established in 2004, saying they are committed to providing the best book buyback website on the net.

Books are a wonderful thing to buy because if you take good care of them - and even if you take not so good care of them - they can retain their value for long periods of time, and even grow in value depending on circumstances.

There are many times when people realize that it would be helpful to unload a number of books, whether it's a bunch of textbooks you no longer need at the end of a semester or a bunch of dog eared paperbacks you would rather sell than move to your new home.

There are many sources online that offer to buy your books back, whether it is for traditional fiction books or which specializes in textbooks, consumers have a lot of options.

But says that people looking to sell books should use their website, as they offer free shipping, payments that are processed within 48 hours, and the top prices available online.

All you have to do to use their service is to enter the ISBN number of each book you wish to sell, then click the "Show My Offer" button. You can choose to accept or reject the offer they are making you on each individual book you have included in your group.

Unfortunately they cannot purchase single books that are valued under $10.00 at this time; they only purchase books in groups that have a combined added value of more than $10.00.

Once your purchase is complete and you have shipped your books to their store, your payment will be completed within 48 hours, either through a PayPal account or a check that will be mailed.

Currently does not have a published address or phone number, but if you have any questions or complaints you can contact them via email.

If you have any experience with this website or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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