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May 26, 2016
Sorry to here about people loosing money and think its a scam but honestly thinking you failed and point the finger at bob for not succeeding is guttless no one had a gun to your head if you want to think you have failed then you have but you did not fail you failed forward you wont do that again so you have learnt now lol but its how you approach his teachings and apply it you will get there don't quit you can do it

May 18, 2016
Bob keeps repeating the same old stuff. I attended one of his seminars and the only think you can hear is the same content you find on youtube. seriously, don't waste your time and money.

May 15, 2016

Blessings everyone. I would just like to say that there is valid information in what Bob Proctor teaches, He is NOT the only person in the history of mankind who has taught this, You just need to look at people like Jesus, Gandia, Charles F. Haanel and so on. Now the fact that some people are not successful is strictly do to a saying from Haane that I just love.... Information does NOT apply it self. So to those have have taken the course and are not getting any way, Please apply the Law of Practise. Now as we all know every person in the world is different and unique, so we all cant't be "A" type personalities with the ability to just do it without any guidance or coaching, But there are also "B" type people in the world, who do need the hands on help to keep a person on track and encouraged. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Stop allowing your successes or failures to cloud this loving man's gift to the world. With his help thousands upon thousands will be transformed in to enlightened beings, blessing the world with their brand of love and light.

BeBlessed - Darren 8=)

May 15, 2016
Having read several of his and other inspirational speakers I've come to realize that no matter how long your peers have mismanaged your destiny you still have the opportunity to realign your Destiny to the greatness you are intended. So stop blaming others etcetera Do something. The least you can do is improve it if only by merely changing your diet or spending habits or goals. That requires effort not money

April 12, 2016

He is good, but if you are not ready there is no benefit , does not matter how much you pay. Most of the stuff is free on you tube :) so go do your reaserch first. Do not expect that if you pay big money this will solve your problems :) You have to change your old programming and if you do that you do not need Bob Proctor anymore ;) He asks for lots money especially for weekend in Toronto or becoming his consultant. Met a person who paid 20 000 and was not changed at all. She just had too many issues which needed to be fixed first. Paying money to someone and expecting miracles is not way to go.

April 11, 2016
He just called my phone too. But he used this number to call me (406) 248-1610. I hung up the phone without answering it. But he left me the same exact voicemail as the rest of you guys. However I am not currently looking for a job because I have a buddy I work for in the summertime.

March 10, 2016

I was extremely excited about the Bob Proctor Coaching program after hearing him on Podcast talking about shifting Paradigms. I forked over the first part ($3,000) and got started. I must say that the people running the program are very nice and helpful. About 2wks into the program, I started to realize spending $7,500 for this information was excessive. I reach out about getting some sort of refund. Unfortunately for me, in my exuberance I did not require about any cancellation policies. So my $3,000 is pretty much lost. Though they did give me a “1 time” hold. Which means I can re-join the program within 1 year.

I don’t believe it is a scam. However, I do believe the program cost too much. Bobs’ course is nothing more than a curriculum based on his favorite book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. My suggestion is to purchase that book and “As a Man Thinkth” by James Allen. Then form your own “Mastermind” group and use the tons of free resources on the internet as your guide. The bottom line is thought and the mind control your destiny!! Take all the information out there and APPLY IT and you will be amazed at your lifes transformation!!

February 29, 2016
It doesn't matter what people like bob proctor teaches you will always have nay/yes Sayers. Different strokes for different folks btw I love listening to bob/sandy and the institute they encourage and give people HOPE if you stop believing/dreaming then your soul stops growing. Programs like bob/sandy offer is very helpful. In life we all look for our niche and he gives you that. It's like religion we all have different belief system brought upon us, like he said genetically or environment I put my life with a stamp of approval. Kudos to Bob and he's team. You f***** nay Sayers leave people be. All nay Sayers are jealous people people like them make the world go round. I believe the more good we have the better the world will be. Listen to yourselves like he said what are you really saying about yourself. You religion/ belief system, think about its no different then what Bob teaches really look at yourself. ProctorgGallagher institute keep up the good teaches.

February 23, 2016
Again, why pay for this information. I believe that the premises are solid -but it's all readily available all over the internet. You can literally spend years researching this for nothing but your monthly connection fees. See....I already saved $7,000!

February 7, 2016
Having been on Bob's Coaching Program for nearly 7 months now I have to say it is expensive for what it is, I would also add that it is NOT a coaching program. Information is given to you at regular intervals to download and the rest is up to you, no coach, no interaction apart from online webinars from time to time and recorded coaching calls. I suppose mentoring might be a better way of putting it but at the end of the day your learning is 'self -led'. What you achieve (as in all things in life) is up to you. As I now know the full itinerary of his course I can tell you that pretty much most of it is available either free on Youtube or very cheap on ebay, it certainly won't set you back $6000 doing it that way. Also each module is almost a repeat of the previous one, couched slightly differently but in essence it is all the same. Knowing what I know now would I sign up for it again? Truthfully no, there is no denying that the course has had a big impact on my life but that impact has been limited to changing my negative mindset into a positive one, I can honestly say that I am no closer to increasing my wealth by any substantial amount. Much of what I have learned has also come from reading inspirational books not only by Bob but also by Jack Canfield, James Allen, Brendon Burchard, Neville Goddard, James Arthur Ray, Rhonda Byrne to name but a few. I think it is a case of just making up your mind as to what works for you and go with that. In all truth you could save your money and just get yourself a decent library, grab a stack of video clips off of YouTube, and just study. If you want to be coached get yourself a 'personal' coach, one of the individuals out there who will coach you on a one to one basis, at least you will have somebody who will give you feedback and help you through your learning. I can honestly say that I owe Bob a lot (despite paying him $6k for info I could have got elsewhere), his teachings have changed my mindset so the value is in what I have learned but I would like him to deliver on his overriding promise "If you tell me what you want, I will show you how to get it". He still has to deliver on that one yet. A good teacher, expensive (not a scam artist as some on here are trying to claim) but there are others out there who can teach you as much at a much cheaper rate.

January 17, 2016

Bob Proctor is definitely not a scam artist. I have seen him many times in live seminars in London and the guy is a living legend. You can learn a lot from this man. His material is amazing and doing a live seminar with him is worth ten times what he charges.

Anyone who thinks he is a scam really doesn't know what they are talking about. I could not endorse this person enough. A truly amazing human being.

August 11, 2015


I took a course with Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher - Thinking Into Results. This programe gives you a diploma in Thinking Into Results facilitator/teacher which he encourages you to sell to others to make your own business as a coach.

This is paid USD 12,000 for and the programe went over a course of 6 months. I did find it useful and powerful in terms of what it did for me and my family (the programe encouraged you to teach the course to others). However, this should NOT be something you pay USD 12,000 for as most of the lectures were simply recordings that you could not even download into your computer but only available to play online for only 6 months. Some few live conferences/webinars were given but barely any personalised coaching was given something to be highly expected with such high price.

I am lucky to not have gone in debt because of this as I had risk managed my investment and was sure I could afford it, but I know other students of the course were taking up debts which is unfortunate. Please rather consider individual coaching sessions that should cost around GBP 40-100 per hour and see if this is good for you.

There are also schools that offer coaching degrees that are approved. Look into those and please please do your research before you commit your hard earned money, in particular with such high prices.


July 22, 2015

I would like to share my 2 cents here. I have being a Bob Proctor follower since around 2002 when I was in Africa. I was already into Personal Development i.e. Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn, I found Bob Proctor gave a different perspective to Self-help; his approach is more on the spiritual level but the training is made general to accommodate everyone from different faiths. I benefited from his material mainly because I already had a strong spiritual belief which is faith in Jesus Christ. I can relate to the principles in Bob Proctor’s material because I already have a footing in my beliefs but his material made me to have a better understanding of what I already know, which might be because I am a visual learner. The Bible says get Wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding. For me, Bob and other personal development practitioner that I feel drawn to help me to understand and thereby increase my awareness of who I am and thereby move in the direction of my dreams.

Bottom line is that each person is the operating power and it takes a while to get these ideas to sink in to the deeper recess of each soul. The timing varies for everyone depending on what state you are. Bob is not doing anything new and he can charge whatever he wants because you cannot place a price on this concept. My recommendation for those who are beginning on this part is to get Wisdom and where do you get Wisdom, it is Christ because Christ is the Wisdom and Power of God. Note that you not only get Wisdom but you also get the Power. Then study the Bible and then get more understanding from materials by Bob Proctor. This is the true winning formula. Though not everyone will agree with this which is okay but those who are beginning to awake from their state of drowsiness will understand.

July 1, 2015
To me it looks like no thing new. If you want to improve-be self disciplined and self motivated. That's what it matters. The secrete behind the wealth and happiness is how to optimize your time investment in right thing. So, I don't think it is worth spending money for the information you know within yourself.

June 11, 2015

I am just tired of his emails. His website does not give you an option to unsubscribe, and I do not even read them.

His online review of this whole thing being a scam, I totally believe.

I just feel, his emails are harrassing me. I know I can delete them. I receive so many important emails, I do not need to waste my time with his emails. I should have an option

to unsubscribe. I need help in not receiving his emails.

June 9, 2015
Nobody can teach you where to go. That is you definite path to select. Bob Proctor is Genuine. He has helped transform lives! He knows his stuff. I thank God for this man and may he be blessed abundantly!

February 9, 2015
I just would like to say that Bob Proctor Program is absolutely break promises please don't buy any products because he will not delivery what he says.I had bad experience about his products I spend $ 8.000 e nought changed in my life.I went to debt because I bought this course and I have to change my bank details because his company tried to take more money from my the Internet are a lot of free stuff.when I bought this course because I tried to save my mum I was desespared please don't do the same.he is Scam.i do believe that if you are positive you can see opportunity,but it is not worth pay so much money for some videos and e books.anyway I wish good luck for all of you.

February 2, 2015
Why isn't there an option to rate zero? The man, and the company, is a total scam. He takes snippets from the book "Think and Grow Rich" and recycles it to charge thousands to repeat it. This man, and the author of the book, are frauds.mi can't believe this book is so famous. Look up the truth about Napoleon Hill. He interviewed leaders, but he was not even remotely close to being like them. Lawsuits, fraud charges, scams, etc., are what Mr. Hill are all about. He died poor, and spent most of his life poor. He wasn't rich until after he passed away. 99% of people are fast asleep....falling for this con artist. Save your money!!

November 9, 2014
I'd like to submit my perspective on this debate. Quite frankly, it is one's own decision (uninfluenced by others opinions), that directs them to do what is best for them and ultimately decide how, when, with whom and at what price they would like to move forward bettering their lives. The key is they have made the decision to MOVE forward to better their lives. How they do it and at what cost is at this point irrelevant. We all operate at different frequencies and we have all developed varying degrees of capabilities in life, so if a Program like Bob's is a good fit for one person and a perceived "rip-off" to another that should not be an issue. In my opinion, if Bob's Program is going to substantially improve my life, make me a better and wealthier person, I could not care less about spending $7,000 on his Program. Bob and many others preach this saying, "you must learn to give more than you get". It's a proven law of the universe. I believe that if you are going to continue to self perpetuate your level of skepticism towards worthy Programs like this, then that is your issue and it should remain just that, "your issue". Keep your limiting thoughts to yourself and let people like Bob Proctor, Les Brown and others do what they like to do best, and that is motivate and re-tool people that want to move forward in life to be happy, successful and prosperous! Yes you are most definitely entitled to having and expressing your own opinion (we live in a democracy after all) but I'm suggesting you stop sending negativity out on the internet as you may be helping to stop someone from doing great things for themselves and the world; even if they are spending thousands of dollars in the process. I would like to close by saying that this Program gave me the courage and mental strength to leave a successful job in sales to start a document destruction company. The company now does over $1,000,000 in sales and my next goal is to expand nationally. My initial investment with Bob is looking pretty darn small now and I still to this day continue to fulfill my dreams.

omniapt August 24, 2021

I'm sending out common sense to the universe, if you have a spare $7,000 use a couple hundred to purchase awesome written and verbal materials. Invest your time and effort into studying truth. Work on changing your mind. Buy your partner a surprize gift. Enjoy nature. Go on field trips. Maybe some short holidays. Eat well, dress well. Give to a worthy cause. You'll still have a few thousand left over :)

Bob Proctor is not a scam.
October 22, 2014

He gives a very valuable information, that can really change the live of those people who are ready for a change. That's the trick. To change your life, you have to work hard to change your mind. The job of changing your mind is much more harder than earning everyday's living. Bob's teaching is a good help on the way, but it does not give you the magic "abracadabra" that turns poverty into abundance overnight.

I feel sorry for those who paid big money for his programs. There is nothing new there. You can find all this information in many sources, and Bob himself admits that. His input is in putting this information in a well structured and logical way, so it is easy to understand and practice it. Also, he is a great coacher and can motivate people. This is basically what he is selling. And his time of course.

I bought his program "Science of getting rich" for $1 from one of new age sites. I found this program helpful and inspirational. But I would not pay big money for that program, mainly because I knew all the stuff he teaches.

Here is another trick - people do not believe the information freely available from many good sources. They want something expensive, massively presented and stuffed with promises to believe it. This trick is very popular in every industry and works well, why should Bob Proctor be an exclusion from the trend? He just makes his money.

For those who want a good source of information and inspiration, I can recommend a John Kehoe's website.

Information is practically the same as Bob's teaching, and it is FREE.

This could change your life as well, without spending a big money. On one extremely important condition - if you are ready for a change. Otherwise, you could go from one teacher to another and waste a fortune without a result. Bob knew this trick. He just did not voice it.

Good luck to everyone.