About Bluum Box

Bluum Box, found online at Bluum.com, is a company that promises to provide moms and babies with monthly deliveries of new, high quality products best suited to the needs of you and your child. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the goal of this company is to provide moms and children with recommended, well vetted products specifically chosen for your child’s stage of development so you try them for yourself and then determine from personal experience whether you would like to continue purchasing that product.

All the products included in your monthly Bluum Box will be chosen by a team of people who spend their days trying new products and getting to know brands. They ensure that each product included in the box will be “responsibly sourced, free of dangerous chemicals and in most cases organically manufactured products.”

The products in your box will be customized to match your child’s age, gender and developmental stage, as well as your lifestyle choices and milestones. Each box will contain four full sized products for both mom and baby, and Bluum.com currently works with more than 350 brands and more than 1,000 products.

Moms who try their products are then invited to go onto their website and provide feedback on their experiences with each product, see what other moms thought, and if you like the products you can continue purchasing them from their website with free shipping included.  

Cost/Price Plans

Currently you can subscribe to the Bluum Box with a variety of payment plans, including $29 per month for customers who choose to pay for their box on a month-to-month basis. Customers who choose to subscribe for longer time periods will receive discounts, including $27 per month for a 3 month subscription, $25 per month for a six month subscription, and $23 per month for a 12 month subscription. 

Refund Policy

The website does say that Bluum Boxes which are returned in their entirety are eligible to return for store credit or for a refund within 30 days of the day you received it, but individual products will not be eligible for return. If you do choose to return your box, you will receive store credit or a refund applied directly to your account, less a Return Fee of $10.00 to cover re-stocking.

In order to begin the return process, you must email their Customer Service team with the phrase “Return Bluum” in the subject line. In the email, you are asked to explain what is being returned so they can anticipate the products. Once the box is successfully returned, your refund will be processed within 14 days. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, issues, or complaints can contact their Customer Service by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through the Submit a Request link at the top of their webpage.   


If you search online for reviews of the Bluum Box, it is easy to find some mixed reviews, and there appears to be a few different reasons for this. 

Obviously, the positive reviews are very similar in tone and in their appreciation – they like the products included in the box, the value, the creativity, etc. It is the negative reviews that vary in their complaints. 

In general, customers may find many reviews which state displeasure with the small sample sizes of the products contained in the boxes, but these reviews are from a few years ago when the company first began – their website says they understood customers’ needs for larger sized products and have since upgraded.

However, there are still some customers who aren’t as enthusiastic as others about this company and what they offer, mostly because they feel the monthly value of the products included in the box often retail very closely to the monthly $29 fee, meaning that month-to-month customers aren’t getting much of a deal. This may encourage potential customers to try a longer subscription period in order to get better value for their money.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

The monthly subscription box service is a popular one for all different kinds of hobbies and pursuits, and certainly there are likely to be many competitors for Bluum Box in the coming years if there are not already.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Bluum Box reviews below.

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3 ‘Bluum Box’ Reviews
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Didn't sent the box

June 22, 2017

I signed up for the box despite the mixed reviews because I was a first time mom and didn't know what toys to get my almost two month old infant. Most of the toys I saw in stores that were billed 0+ months involved needing the ability to grasp, which she didn't have yet.

Unfortunately, after a month and a half I still have received Zero boxes, zero tracking numbers. I emailed them and they must have been prompted to actually ship the damn thing because they just sent back a tracking number (with the box expected to arrive in 2 weeks). She's already almost 3 months old, I don't need their stupid help anymore.

August 14, 2017

Hi there,
I'm writing on behalf of bluum, as we're distressed to hear about your experience via this review. Something must have gone wrong with your initial order, and for that we're so, so sorry, but we want to find a way to make it right. Inconveniencing a new mom is not our game, and helping you to find the right products at the right time, IS our mission, so we'd love to turn things around for you. Would you do me a favor and shoot us a Facebook Message on our page (@bluumbaby) and we'll take a look at your account and find a solution for you?
Thanks so much in advance, and our sincere apologies.
Jamie, Community Manager, Bluum

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Worst Subscription Box EVER

January 25, 2017

I signed up for the 12 month Bluum Box subscription to replace Citrus Lane once it closed. From the beginning I did not get good choices to add to the box. I guess options disappear when you are choosing items because it might weigh the box down...this is not very clear and only after months of talking w/ customer service I was told this information. I never got my money's worth and a few months ago they paused my subscription for 1 month. Of course it never started up again, even after contacting customer service. Now I asked for a refund and they said that if I cancel for the last three months, I will get no money back because they will calculate it at the month-to-month price of $37 per box plus a cancellation fee.

Choosing products is touch and go. Sometimes you will find something you like and be able to choose it. A few weeks later you will get an email saying "sorry, your items are no longer available." Or, you will go to the website and find NOTHING available. Come on, my kid is 3yo, there are NO toys/items that can work for a 3yo?? I would NEVER recommend them to anybody.

August 14, 2017

Hi Shawna,
We're so distressed to read your review, and we want to make it right. It's clear you wrote this review before our new parent company took over operations, and it's safe to say things have changed A LOT in the past few months. I'd love to explain the changes we've made, and find a way to work together to give you the NEW bluum experience, now that these changes have been made. Would you do us a favor and shoot us a Facebook message on our page and we'll pull up your account and find a solution?
Many thanks in advance.
Jamie, Community Manager, Bluum

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Bluum box

July 24, 2016

Not being able to attend a birthday for a 1 year old, I still wanted to send something other than cash/gift card in the mail. So, I chose a subscription box, because I've had such success with other companies.
I started my order July 3rd,which was a Sunday. To begin, I didn't like that I had to give my payment info up front...before confirming my order. I wanted to choose what went in the box and after taking the survey, they led me to the page where I would choose what went inside. I didn't like any options. So, I left the iPad for a while and came back to see they defaulted my order to 'surprise' order and processed it.
I couldn't contact them because of their limited hours, and it was a long weekend. I called and left a voicemail. Someone did return my call, 8+ hours later, and Left a voicemail for me. So, I tried emailing. The rep I spoke to said that since I didn't call in time, it was already processed and couldn't be refunded. Crappy.
I got the notification email that the box shipped, with the included item description..I hated what they chose. The gift was for a little girl. It had a blue/green bucket hat, wipes, a teether and a dining mat. I'm mortified with the gift I was obligated into sending.
To boot, I talked to the family who received it, and they thought it was a promotional package from somewhere because it didn't include my birthday message.
So disappointing, and a ripoff in my opinion. I will never order from Blum box, and plan to stick with kiwi crate or their new cricket crate once it debuts.

August 14, 2017

Hi Hilary,
I'm sorry we're just seeing this review now, and that you had a bumpy experience with bluum. We can assure you that since our new parent company took over earlier this year, things have really changed. If you're interested, we'd love to show you the "new" bluum - please just shoot us a Facebook message @bluumbaby and we'll find a solution for you.
Our apologies for the not-so-great experience you had in the past, and we look forward to showing you what we're up to these days.
Jamie, Community Manager

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